Emma and Chris

Where to Propose in Breckenridge, Colorado

How We Met

Like many other millennial couples, Chris and I met on bumble. I was pretty exhausted with the whole online dating scene and was about to give up all hope and energy. I was on the app one night when I saw that someone had used a time extension on our match. I was notorious for not messaging any of my matches but he was interested enough in me to use an extension so I took a look at his profile. He was 200 miles away in a different state. Long distance is not for me. I messaged him to be polite and said something along the lines of “Hey, I appreciate your interest but I’m not interested in anything long distance..”. I immediately got back “NO WAIT! I travel regionally for work, we actually aren’t that far from each other.” So now I was a smitten kitten. We talked for a few days and later on that weekend, my plans had fallen through. I spontaneously asked him if he wanted to meet me for a drink in a few hours. He cancelled his plans and met me at a hipster bar in the city. It was instant. We talked about any and everything and I did not stop smiling the entire time. I had never felt so comfortable with another human being like that in my entire life. We decided that we hated that hipster bar and went to a dive bar, where we belonged. I thought for sure this guy was going to try to make a move. But…he walked me to my car and gave me a hug. He asked me to text him when I got home safely and I did. I’m pretty sure I knew I was in trouble from that moment on.

How They Asked

Chris asked me to marry him in May but prior to our engagement, he had bought the ring in October. He came home from the jeweler to tell me he bought the ring. As you can assume, I was pretty bummed that he told me. I always had this idea of a fairy tale proposal where he would plan something elaborate or sentimental. But now that wouldn’t be the case. Of course, I was still excited to think about getting to marry him in the near future so my brain wheels started turning. My birthday came and went, Christmas and New Year’s came and went, Valentine’s day was just another weekday and I started to fear that he was questioning marrying me. It was now May and we planned a spontaneous trip to the Colorado Rocky Mountains with a group of friends.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Breckenridge, Colorado

I had a brief thought that maybe he would ask me there. But I told myself to not get my hopes up and to just enjoy the trip for what it was, a weekend away with some friends. I didn’t even get a manicure (girls, you know that means I really didn’t think it would happen). We went on the trip and we had a blast. On the last night, we had planned to go out to a nice dinner as a group but we had to be up really early the next morning to catch our flight. I was tired and wanted to stay back. Chris told me “Stop complaining and go get dressed”. Typical, me complaining.

We decided to take some pictures on the balcony of the house we were renting. We took a girls picture and one of our friends said: “couples next, Emma and Chris, you go”. It was very windy so I turned around to face the wind and fix my hair. As I turned back around, it looked like Chris was slipping on ice. I reached out to catch him but I realized he was getting down on one knee. As a man of very few words, he professed his love and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. I said yes. All those months of anticipation were so he could propose to me in an elaborate, sentimental way. It was a fairy tale.