Emma and Chandler

Emma Van and Chandler's Engagement in Rose Parade 2017

How We Met

I’ve known Chandler since childhood. Our all-star baseball teams played against each other in the city series (and he kicked our butt). I went to an all-girl’s private school in our hometown, while he went to the public high school. I had a track meet at his school one afternoon and was running laps around the track to warm up. While running by the batting cages, there was a crazy, teenage boy hanging from the fence yelling crazy, teenage boy things.

Where to Propose in Rose Parade 2017

I thought he was cute, so I decided to go to the next Glendora baseball game. Right behind home plate, closest to the stands was the cute boy who was hanging on the fence. After the game we started talking, and a few days later he commented on one of my MySpace pictures (I know, ancient!). He took me out on our first date to Chipotle and a showing of Nightmare on Elm Street. Two teenagers crazy in love!

how they asked

At the 2017 Rose Parade, my family and Chandler’s family were apart of a special breakfast and seats. We enjoyed our breakfast and headed out to the middle of Colorado Blvd. to get some pictures of the Stealth Bomber flying over. We waited anxiously for about ten minutes, took some pictures together, and faintly heard it approaching. As it came closer and I was staring at it, I hear, “Emma.” I turned to see Chandler down on one knee asking if I would marry him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rose Parade 2017

I didn’t hear any outside noise, nor realize there was hundreds of people surrounding us; it was just me and him. Still in complete shock, I shouted yes!

Emma Van and Chandler's Engagement in Rose Parade 2017

My now fiance leaves for the military in March, so it was a special moment having the Stealth Bomber be a part of our proposal.

Where to Propose in Rose Parade 2017

Emma Van's Proposal in Rose Parade 2017