Emma and Bryant

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How We Met

Bryant, being a mechanic, works mostly with men, and Me, being a hairstylist, works mostly with women. That being said almost 5 years ago we both took to “OkCupid” a dating website to find a companion. I was on it for 5 days and was too creeped out to actually meet anyone in person. Thats when I got a message from Bryant. (he says that was going to be the last message he would send on that site before giving up on online dating). After messaging for a few days we arranged a Monday to meet up for lunch; La Villa in Willow Glen, but it was closed. Within 2 minutes of meeting, Bryant was chatting up puppies. Of course I loved it, being that I too LOVE animals. After walking around to find an open restaurant, we finally get to chatting and find a sense of calm and ease. The date progressed onto a walk up at Communication hill. The next day Bryant asks me if she wants to join him at his brother’s party. I thought it was a bit unconventional that they would see each other two days in a row but liked him lots so I had him pick me up and went a long to the party. Two days later, Bryant showed up at my door on his way to work. He dropped off some mix Cd’s he had made specifically for me. I called my friend Sarah to tell her all about how he made me some great jams and how awesome he was. Sarah’s response was “well, he knows the way to your heart, music.” and it was true. After that I canceled all other potential suitor ‘s dates and knew I wanted to focus on the connection I had with Bryant. By October I knew she wanted to be exclusive but really wanted Bryant to be the one to instigate that conversation. On Halloween 2012, I was lost in the city and called Bryant in distress. He offered to come pick me up and help; at which point I knew I was falling for him. The next night Bryant asked me to be exclusive. By December 2012 we were in love. 2015 We bought their home together in the Bay Area. We’ve have built a life together and joke about our “#MortgageBeforeMarriage” life-style.

how they asked

On the one year “home-aversary”, December 11th, 2016, we went to chop down our christmas tree with buddies (it’s an annual tradition). We spent the morning grabbing mimosas and sharing laughs with our buds. While up in the mountains, I joked about how the Christmas tree farm would be the best location for a proposal- I often liked to remind these men that they had yet to pop a special question, but all in good laughs.

After loading the trucks up with the trees, we all snagged some beverages and hung out at our friends house. Bryant, who is not usually one to instigate a plan, kept trying to end the evening early and head home. I was so confused by this and I kept asking Bryant if I had said or done something wrong. He was so sweet and just said he wanted to have one-on-one time together before the weekend ended, so we headed home to decorate the tree.

Once home, Bryant extra “Christmas-fied” the evening with christmas music and all. I was completely baffled as Bryant is not a Christmas person, but I went along because I am OBSESSED with christmas and completely enjoyed the effort.

When we moved into our home I had bought a special bottle of wine to drink at the end of the year, which we refered to as our “house-wine”. So that night we decided to open that up to celebrate our one year of homeownership. When we finished decorating the tree I started adulting by cleaning up all the trash and what not. Bryant tried to convince me to hang out, relax, and drink the “house-wine” and after many pleas, I finally walked over to relax with him when he told me I had forgotten one ornament. He walked me over to our fresh new Christmas tree, where he had hung his Grandma’s beautiful ring like an ornament. He held me tight and whispered in my ear “I don’t love Christmas, but I love it with you and I want to spend every Christmas together. Will you marry me?” I was in complete shock, and replied with “Of course, but are you sure you want to marry my crazy butt?” He laughed and held me tight and after saying “Of course”. Bryant pulled the ring off the tree, stating it was his grandma’s ring but that he wanted to take me the next day to design the setting together, for her beautiful stone. His Grandma was such a gem, she helped me understand Bryant better which helped me learn how to build a more meaningful relationship with him. I feel so lucky to be wearing such a strong lady’s diamond and to be marrying her equally amazing grandson.

We are now planning our special day and look forward to a lifetime of love, commitment, and laughter. We are excited for our wedding but are even more stoked for the life we are building together. I love doing life with Bryant.

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Special Thanks

Alyssa Luzaich
 | She took our in home photos
 | Ring Designer