Emma and Brian's Snowy Proposal in Texas

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How we met, told by Emma: Brian and I met during our first week at the University of Dayton in 2008 as freshman in college. I had finally settled into my dorm room, so my roommate and I decided to go exploring. We wanted to check out where our mailboxes were, so that was our first stop.

Standing right there with a couple friends chatting was Brian! I had to ask him to move so I could get to my mailbox. I recognized him from an online portal UD provided as a way for students to connect prior to arriving on campus. Of course I said… “Aren’t you Brian Mack?”.

He had no idea who I was (so he says) so I’m pretty sure I seemed quite embarrassed. Later that night, he found me online and asked if I could help him with his laundry… Nice pick up line! I fell for it even though he seemed to have the laundry thing down once we actually started to hangout in the laundry room!

As our first semester progressed, we became good friends and began dating on Valentines Day that year. Once we graduated college, we came across a few obstacles that led us to make a difficult decision. For the past 2 years, I have been living in Dallas, TX and he has been living in Pittsburgh, PA and more recently Raleigh, NC. Dating long distance has not been easy on our relationship, but it has certainly made us the couple we are today. We have been able to get through every bump in the road and we have only learned to love each other more and more! And now for the fun part – the engagement!

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how they asked, told by Brian: It was my birthday weekend, and I had plans to go visit Emma in Dallas. My birthday was on Friday, but unfortunately Emma had to work that day. She was supposed to get off of work at 530 and then we were planning on going out to dinner to celebrate my bday, or so she thought!

I had the proposal all planned out.

When Emma got off of work at 5:30 there was going to be a note in her apartment waiting for her telling her to meet me in a park a couple of blocks away and when she got to the park I was going to surprise her and propose! Emma’s sister, Sarah, hired photographers as an engagement gift to take pictures of the proposal. They were supposed to get to the park around 5 so that they had time to set up. But…of course nothing ever goes as planned. Dallas just so happened to have a snow storm that day and Emma’s work closed at 1.

Under any other circumstance I would’ve been thrilled that I was going to be able to spend more time with her, but on this day it threw a huge wrench in my plans. It was now 1 o’clock and I needed to kill some time so that the photographers had time to get to the park and get everything set up. Not to mention that they lived about an hour away and were now trying to brave the snow covered roads to make it down to the park. Emma and I ended up getting lunch and much needed drinks with a friend of mine who also lives in Texas (little did Emma know I was just trying to kill some time).

After lunch we went back to Emma’s – I received a text from Sarah letting me know that the photographers were at the park, and that they’d be ready for us shortly. At the same time I received the text, Emma decided that it was a perfect time for a nap..ugh! I told her that I wasn’t tired and would just let her nap – so I showered and got ready for the night.

As I got ready she was trying to sleep, and I was making as much noise as possible so that she wouldn’t fall asleep – Emma was ready to kill me! After I was ready I told her that I was going across the street to get a coffee and wait for her to wake up from her nap. But really I was leaving so that I could walk across to the park, and I was going to call her on my way and tell her to meet me there. When I called her…she didn’t answer. Sleeping beauty decided that it was the perfect time to put her phone on silent so I had to run back upstairs to her apartment and pound on her door to wake her up.

I ran back downstairs before she answered the door and sent her a text telling her to go downstairs and get in Sarah’s car. Sarah drove Emma over to the park where I was waiting for her.

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Once Emma arrived we walked over to a gazebo in the park and I got down one knee and proposed…and most importantly, she said yes!

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Tyler and Lindsey, the photographers, were hiding in the park to take pictures of the big moment! After they revealed themselves we ended up walking to different parts of the park to take pictures. While we were sitting on a bench getting more pictures, mine and Emma’s families snuck up from behind and surprised her!

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Emma’s family lives in Dallas and my family flew in from Pittsburgh. We took some more pictures with everyone and drank champagne to celebrate! We were so happy that our families were there to share in this special moment with us. It was a great day, and the snow storm just made for an even better story. We are so excited that we finally will be able to end the distance, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!

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Photos by Tyler + Lindsey