Emma and Ben

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How we met

Ben and I met over two years ago on a blind date at a pub in Akron, Ohio. Surprisingly, we soon realized we knew a lot of the same people, even though we are from different regions of Ohio. The evening flew by, and within two months I knew Ben was “the one,” being the most caring, supportive and loving man I have ever met.

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how they asked

My mother is Native American and was raised on the Navajo Reservation of Northern Arizona. I have therefore visited Arizona numerous times, taking Ben with me in 2014. He quickly fell in love with the state’s vast beauty and various, rugged environments. We returned to Arizona in April 2016, joined by my parents and two Navajo cousins. Ben suggested we hike Brin’s Mesa Trail, just outside of Sedona, which he had secretly researched as the setting for a unique and picturesque marriage proposal.

My parents, the two cousins, Ben and I began our hike early one morning and within a short time wind caught our map and blew it into a giant sink hole! Undeterred, we followed what trail markings we could discern. We walked and walked, yet Ben could not find the proper spot. After almost 7 miles, we came upon a gorgeous, expansive red rock canyon sitting amid stone monoliths. A storm threatened, however, and the wind began blowing and light rain fell. It thus appeared we should hurry off the mesa, but Ben suggested we take some pictures first. He waked to the mesa’s edge and he stood with his arms extended, thereby signally the others that he was about to propose.

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Image 4 of Emma and Ben

Ben then suggested I assume the same pose for another photo, and while looking upon the surrounding grandeur, Ben kneeled behind me with an engagement ring in this hand. I turned around to hear Ben say, “Emma, will you marry me?” We kissed, hugged and cried tears of joy!

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