Emma and Bailey

How We Met

Bailey and I met in the 4th grade when he moved to my hometown. He was that new kid in class that all the girls were talking about. We soon became friends and spent all our recesses together throughout that year and onto 5th grade. We grew apart after elementary school and hardly spoke until May 26th of 2016. I was working a regular shift at Walmart when I saw him paying at a register. It had been quite some time that we’d seen each other and BOY did he look good! We caught up and he asked for my number that day. Since then our relationship has been nothing but a story from a fairytale.

Emma and Bailey's Engagement in Canyon Elementary School

how they asked

On August 14th, our 1 year anniversary of being together, he told me to close my eyes and took me for a ride in his Jeep. We arrived at the location and I opened my eyes to see our old elementary school. He unlocked the doors and walked me around the school as we reminisced. He led me to our 5th-grade class and got down on one knee! My heart was beating so fast! I couldn’t believe my elementary school crush was about to propose to me 10 years later!! And so, of course, I said yes!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Canyon Elementary School

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