Emma and Andrew

Where to Propose in Our preschool

How We Met

AJ and I met in preschool, we were the best of friends, preschool sweethearts even. When Kindergarten came, we went our separate ways causing us to lose touch. In 2015, my junior year of high school, I moved back to Indiana. This triggered me, causing me to want to “find” AJ and catch up. My mom agreed with this idea so she began to do some digging. She found that he only lived one town away! I immediately added him on social media and messaged him on Facebook. He responded but was not near as enthusiastic as me (which I now know is because I had a boyfriend and he thought I was trying to hit on him). With his responses, I decided AJ and Emma were histories. Fast forward to sophomore year of college at Vincennes University. I was walking through the administration building, looking down at my phone, in a bad mood when I literally ran into this guy. He wasn’t paying any more attention than myself, looking down at a piece of paper. He apologized and I just shrugged him off, walking away. Later that evening, I was waiting for my friend, Madison, to work out. While waiting, my friend, Jordan, called and asked what I was doing. He decided he would come, visit me while I waited. Once he arrived, I got in his truck and noticed a guy in the front seat that I had never met. I ignored that and began a conversation with Jordan. After only a few minutes, the familiarity I felt for this random guy was insane. I then asked “who are you?’, he responded “AJ’, I said “AJ? Like AJ? AJ? My AJ?”, he then nodded and my heart sunk. This guy that I had only seen in pictures for more than 15 years, that I tried to “catch up” with, is sitting in front of me, completely coincidental. All in which we later found out was the same guy I ran into and shrugged off earlier that day. Needless to say, I didn’t work out and AJ didn’t follow through with his plans either. We spent the entire night catching up to end up engaged a year and 3 months later.

How They Asked

For Christmas, I got AJ Pacers vs. Lakers tickets in Indianapolis on Tuesday. He got me reservations at St. Elmos and a night in a hotel on Wednesday (or so I thought). He made the comment that he made his present the day after mine on purpose, but wouldn’t tell me why. On Wednesday morning everything was normal. I got ready for work, went to work, came home and got ready for Indy that night then went back to work. Around 4:00 pm I received a text from AJ stating he had to go help his dad but he would be home in time for us to leave (which was planned for 6:00 pm). Around 4:30 pm, AJ informed me he would not be home in time so my mom was going to have to bring me to meet him when she went to eat with my aunt. At this point, I was clueless and mad that he was not on time (as usual).

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our preschool

Once I got off work I went home and changed. My mom then took me to Washington as if she was going to eat with my aunt and dropping me off with AJ. Once into Washington, she claimed she had to use the restroom so we stopped at a gas station. When she came out, she blindfolded me and said she had a surprise for me. I was so confused and clueless. My mom claimed she was so proud of me for school, my job, and the woman I had become and believed I deserved a “surprise.” I didn’t know what it could be, I just knew I was stressing out because AJ and I were going to be late. Once the car stopped my mom guided me inside a building and up some stairs where she took my blindfold off. When I opened my eyes I saw all my friends and family standing in AJ and I’s preschool building right outside our old classroom and my preschool sweetheart down on one knee.

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