Emma and Alexander

How We Met: Alex and I initially started chatting online through a dating site. At that stage, it didnt evenutate into anything as we both ended up in another relationship. Twelve months later, Alex randomly messaged me on ‘bebo’ asking how I was. We were both newly single so it was nice to talk again. After only a few weeks he, drove 7 hours to meet me for the first time. Aside from the nerves and being shy, we both hit it off and that same night, I drove back to Hamilton with him and his friend (I did make him meet my parents first). It was very risky as I was only 21 and didn’t know anyone else in Hamilton, but I just knew it was right. I stayed up there for the weekend and for the next couple of months we met up constantly by flying or busing it to each other. We had been together only two months before I made the decision to move to Hamilton and be with him. We had been together 1.5 years when we were expecting our first daughter . I was six months pregnant with our 2nd daughter who is now four months old when he proposed.

how they asked: Last year, I won a competition through ‘Sacrifice.Love.Beauty’ which is an online company that gives out amazing prizes, aimed at celebrating and motivating mothers. Their latest competition was ‘More Than A Momma’ and the winner was to receive prizes totalling almost $3,000. I must add this is a non-profit organization so it was a miracle to get all these prizes!

So one night as I put my daughter to bed, my cell phone rang and on the other end was Rebekah Lipp from Sacrifice.Love.Beauty announcing that I had won the competition! I never win anything ever so you could imagine my shock and horror to find out I had won!! I honestly thought it was a prank call at first. Then I thought of who would really do a prank call about this and no one really knew I even entered. All I had to do to enter was email my details, a photo and pick out a dress from Bella Brides and shoes from Gondwana Heels – and I really couldn’t believe I’d won!

When I got off the phone, I was still soo shocked I was shaking. I told Alex and we looked up all the details on their website. Hundreds of other mothers had entered as well and some of them were online at the time of the announcement. They were all talking about me, and I felt famous! I couldn’t sleep at all that night I was so ecstatic.

The main prize of the competition was a photo shoot with hair and make-up done up in Auckland. (We live in Hamilton) and a stay at the Sky City Grand hotel. It was a few weeks away before the shoot and it took me this long to get over the initial shock. The night before, I was soo excited. We had to be there at 10am meeting at Sandi Cutts home salon for my make-up and Hair.

We left Hamilton at 8am that morning and had my parents baby sit our daughter. The ride up was a bit hairy as Auckland is so confusing to drive in but we eventually made it safe and sound. We arrived at Sandi’s and soon after everyone else arrived including the photographer, video-grapher, Rebekah and her sister Ceara.

It was all go go go and before this day they asked if I would like my partner included in the photo shoot, which I did so he was all dressed up in his suit ready. After 1-2 hours of hair and make up, I put on my new dress and new shoes and looked amazing. The theme was 1950’s so it was a bit of a shock to me as I don’t really wear make-up. We walked across the road to a place called the Alberton Mansion where some the photos where to be taken.

Thankfully the rain held off, but there was a bit of a wind blowing so I had to have ‘supports’ in those heels – ha. After walking around the garden parts and other outside areas of the mansion (which is also 1950s style) we were to take some photos on the balcony whilst sitting on a Marilyn Monroe type bright red seat. The main photographer asked us to ‘take our own direction and just be normal’ which to most people is pretty uncomfortable as you know everyone is watching you. So I was a bit awkward and Alex was too. He then stood up and asked the photographer if she wanted some taken while he was standing. He then told me to look at the other photographer – I now know this is when he took the engagement ring out of his pocket.

I then turned around and see him on his knee. He is a real joker on a daily basis and I didn’t see the ring in his hand so thought he was mucking around and trying to get some funny shoots. Mean while this is all being photographed and videoed and he was wearing a wire which I found out later.

He then said ‘ Will you marry me Emma, you are my soul mate’

This is when i notice the ring.

I couldn’t believe it and the tears started welling up. Of course I said yes and we kissed. I so didn’t expect anything like that and I didn’t even know he had a ring. All the ladies on the day knew what what happening as he had been planning it with them for weeks.

I was unbelievably overwhelmed and tried to take it all in. We had a few more photos for the day and then went back to the hotel and was gifted all my prizes. There were soooo many. My now fiancée took us out to dinner that night at the Orbit at the sky tower, and it was all perfect!

Photos by Mistral Photography.

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