Emira and Peter

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How We Met

I was living in Binghamton at the time while he was living in Syracuse as well as Vermont. I downloaded bumble, had it for a week, and met my now husband! Bumble is a location-based dating app, so I was hoping to meet someone local (got tricked) He was driving through Binghamton on his way to Washington DC and was bored waiting at the gas station… I still question him on what the heck were you looking for at the gas station. We both happened to match, but little did I know he wasn’t local until later on! But we made it work! In the beginning, we only saw each other on weekends every few weeks, but we always made it spontaneous. The first month into seeing each other, we decided to take a hot hair balloon ride since neither of us have been. We traveled from states to countries together and needless to say…we live in NY and Vermont but now we’re married!

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How They Asked

Before I get into the proposal I have to explain the days leading up to it. He had asked the week prior to going camping and said he had to set up the campsite on the property. That whole week prior to camping, after work he was working on the campsite and was coming home late.

I didn’t understand why he had spent so much time on the campsite… isn’t it just a smooth piece of land and maybe a little fire set up? Well, he had built a whole lean-to and placed a tent underneath it that he set up with antique furniture, queen bed, and everything inside of it (which I didn’t know) I gave him a hard time because we didn’t spend much time together that week. The day of the proposal aka camping day.

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He told me to wear something decent in case we go somewhere and told me to drive through the woods to meet at the site. I did not wear anything nice and gave him a hard time as I didn’t want to ruin my nice clothes, and I complained because I didn’t want to drive my new car up a rocky trail. (After that whole week of me being so rude, if I were him wouldn’t rethink the proposal) I got to the site (in my raggedy clothes) and he had me sit on the bench by the pond where he popped the question!

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Just like that!