Emily's Macaroon Bridesmaid Proposal

My maids of honor and I all live in different states and don’t get to see each other that often. We were planning to get together for wedding dress shopping and my engagement party, so I knew I wanted to wait until then to ask them in person. It just felt more special that way! And it would give us something extra to celebrate with each other.

I wanted it to be something sweet and simple, but still a little personal. I browsed a lot on Etsy and Pinterest for ideas, but none of it really seemed very “us”. So I just got a bunch of different flavors of macaroons so we could all sit around and laugh and eat them! I also got them little gold rings with an infinity sign on them. The infinity sign ended up just being a knot in the ring, but I think they got the idea.

The macaroons initially started out spelling “Jess & Ana, will you be my maids of honor?”. The first one we ate was the question mark, so once that was gone, I rearranged them to say “Jess & Ana, you will be my maids of honor”. We laughed, then ate more macaroons.

My wedding party is mostly my closest friends, including my fiance’s sister. There are 2 maids of honor (one of which will also be officiating the wedding) and 3 bridesmaids, so 5 total on my side. My fiance’s party includes his brother (best man), my brother, and his 2 best friends.