Emily and Tyler

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Jacks Mountain, Pennsylvania

How We Met

Tyler and I met at our mutual friends wedding. I went to college with the bride and he was best friends with the groom. At the time he was seeing someone so (while I noticed he was cute) I completely wrote him off the second I saw him with someone else. A few months after the wedding, the bride got in touch with me to let me know someone was interested in me (Tyler). He had ended his previously relationship and she was trying to set him up with someone new. When she asked if he had anyone in mind Tyler asked about any of her single friends. She thought about it for a second and said my name, Tyler said yes as soon as she said it. Apparently he hadn’t been able to keep his mind off of the “girl in the blue dress” from the wedding (ME!). At the time we were livng 2.5 hours apart and he drove all the way to me for our first date! He pulled up with roses and toys for my cat which just made my heart melt!

how they asked

Tyler proposed to me after we hiked up the trail 1000 steps on Jacks Mountain in Pennsylvania. This trail is close to my hometown and we had talked about wanting to do together, since Tyler never had. Tyler asked if we could travel there and hike it together for his birthday. He aslo said he wanted to invite the same couple that introduced us because they liked to do activities like that. So once we got to the topof the mountain, after hiking literally 1000+ steps, I took my camera out and started taking picture. (The view is unreal!). Our couple friends asked me to shoot some pictures of them, which I did. Afterwards, Tylers best friend said he would shoot some of us, he’s a really good photographer, and he got a couple pictures in when Tyler turned to me and proposed.

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