Emily and Levi

How We Met

Levi and I went to high school together. He was the same year as me and was in my freshman English class. He swears the first interaction we ever had was in that class when he turned around in his chair and asked me for a back massage and I said no. I have no recollection of this but I wouldn’t put it past him! We were also on the tennis team together. We never dated in high school, but I was always magnetically drawn towards him. He was the only guy who could make me laugh nonstop. I remember we had a Trig class together our Junior year and it was just about the only thing that made me look forward to going to school.

How They Asked

Levi and I love to go skiing. We have been on multiple ski trips together with my family and I thought this one would be just like the others, but I was wrong! We made it to ski Santa Fe and did a few warm-up runs and saw my parent on the lift going up. My mom yelled that she would wait for us at the top, which was totally normal. We get to the top and my mom says let me get your picture where we did last year, so of course I agreed. I turn around to hand my phone to my mom and there Levi is on his knee and my mom was there to capture the whole thing. Levi then told me that the diamond was my Mimi’s who recently had passed away earlier that week and that she got to see it before she passed away. I am over the moon at my beautiful ring and perfect fiancé and am so excited to party with our friends and family to celebrate our relationship!

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