Emily and Kenny

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Solve It Escape Rooms, Vernon NJ

The night of our proposal, we had plans to go to an Escape Room for our best friend, Garret’s birthday. We have always enjoyed doing escape rooms and I was so excited for a fun night out. I had no idea that by the end of the game, we would be engaged!

Garret and his wife Melissa invited four of our closest friends along with Kenny and I (little did I know that everything had been planned for weeks and our friends were in on the secret)! The night was underway and we had one hour to escape the room! About 50 minutes in, we were stuck! The tv screen in the room wasn’t giving us anymore clues and time was running out. All of a sudden, a podium in the room started to open and everyone told me to look at what was inside. To my absolute amazement, I saw my ring and a sign reading “Emily, will you marry me?” and Kenny was on bended knee. I was in total and complete shock and couldn’t contain my excitement. I was in such shock that I didn’t even say yes right away! Finally after a lot of screaming and happy tears, I composed myself long enough to say YES!! Afterwards we went out to a local bar where all our friends we waiting to celebrate with us!

I can without a doubt say that it was one of the best days of my life and I can’t wait to start our future together as husband and wife!

Emily's Proposal in Solve It Escape Rooms, Vernon NJ

Emily and Kenny's Engagement in Solve It Escape Rooms, Vernon NJ

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