Emily and Ken

imageHow We Met: Kenny and I met when I was 15 years old, in fact it was my first job. Right when I saw him I instantly knew he was special. We started as friends, then dated for four years, then he proposed.

how they asked: I was in complete shock, in fact all  the pictures are of me crying. I guess you can say I like to snoop, so when we booked our tickets for Mexico I had a feeling he would propose. When I rummaged through his suitcases at Mexico and found no ring anywhere, I was completely heart broken. He told me that he planned a fun excursion the next day, so I put on a smile. The next day, he didn’t eat anything for breakfast and was acting weird all afternoon. When we got to our location, I figured out that we were about to swim with dolphins! He knows I’m a bit scared of the ocean, so he booked a private lesson with baby dolphins! It was magical to say the least. There was about 7 different people taking our picture, and I didn’t even question that it was odd. At the end of the swimming, the trainer gave me a bucket she said to open it and give a fish to the dolphin. It turns out that right in the bucket was a beautiful ring surrounded by flowers. A ring he designed himself! He was down on one knee with a huge smile on his face. I couldn’t stop crying, I was so happy and surprised. The dolphins were clapping in the background for us.  It was the best day of my life.