Emily and Gary's Pinterest-Inspired Proposal

How We Met: Gary and I met in college our freshman year. We went to school in Sioux City, IA where it snowed a lot. One of the first big snows of the year a group of us went sledding and Gary tagged along. After that day, we started hanging out more and more in the dorms before we went on our first official date. He took me to Texas Roadhouse and then we watched P.S. I Love You in my dorm room where I made him sit on the floor so I could lay on the couch. He didn’t mind though. Gary played baseball in college and I played soccer. We supported each other throughout our sports and loved going to each other’s games. Baseball was a bigger part of our lives though. We go to many Royals and Rockies games when we are with each other. Gary is from Colorado and I am from Kansas, so summers were very rough being long distance, but everything was worth it. We are currently still long distance because of work, but we find every opportunity to see each other. It seems like just yesterday we were going on our first date, but now we are planning our wedding!

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how they asked: I had never been hiking in the mountains before, I have only seen them from a distance when visiting Gary in Colorado. The summer after we graduated college, I told Gary that I wanted to go hiking when I came to visit. He planned for us to go to Grizzly Creek Canyon in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. His mom, brother, and brother’s girlfriend were coming with us so I didn’t think anything about it. When we got there, everything was normal and we started hiking. We got about half way up and Gary told me to keep hiking, he had to get something from his mom’s backpack, and he would catch back up with me. I just kept going. After a couple minutes, he caught back up with me and tried to get me to climb out on a log in the middle of the river. I was too scared to do it, so I kept on walking. Later on, I realized that’s where he was going to propose and I made him change his whole plan. We got to another pretty spot, but Gary wanted to be next to the water. He made me climb down the side to get to the water, where I cut my leg on tree branches.

We got next to the water, and Gary told me to stand on this specific rock. This is when I started getting suspicious. Everyone else was gathered around each other and I heard someone say “where is her phone?” Gary came and stood by me and started talking to me. He pulled out a baseball, which didn’t make sense. But once he started talking about how special I was, I realized there was a ring inside the baseball. I was so in shock. I even said “are you serious?”, which he will never let me forget. After all the excitement, Gary and I were talking and he told me that he had gotten on my pinterest wedding board to get ideas without me knowing. This is where he found that I had pinned the baseball ring box and how he picked my ring.

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