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How We Met

Zane and I are both from Houston, TX. We met in the 3rd grade—he remembers me as the girl with a uni-brow who sang opera (true story) and I honestly don’t remember him at all (lol). After elementary school, I moved to Washington State and Zane and I didn’t keep in touch. A few weeks before our senior year of high school I moved back to TX and saw Zane on my first day of school. We chatted a bit and I remember coming home to tell my sister that I had met a really cute boy but he had a girlfriend. He and his girlfriend decided to end things; and, soon after Zane and I got paired up as dance partners in the school musical (score! more time together!). Months passed and we slowly became better friends. I really liked him but was sure he had feelings for our mutual friend. It wasn’t until he asked me to sit next to him on the bus on our Holiday choir trip that I became more aware of his feelings. Zane asked me to be his girlfriend on January 2nd, 2012. He gave me a mix tape and a rose. We dated for a few months, went to prom and graduated from college. We fell hard and quick…

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By the end of the summer, I realized that our relationship was far too serious and decided to end things before we went to college. Both of us were heart broken and lonely in the first few weeks of school. Zane messaged me on fb about a month into the year and we started talking again more frequently. I was nervous to get too close to him again because I knew our relationship before hadn’t been righteous. We were far too dependent on each other and left very little room for God’s plan for us. We both had a lot to grow in in our relationships with God and felt our relationship with each other was a distraction from that. We decided we weren’t right for each other so we ended it “for good.” Fast forward a year, Zane and I haven’t spoken and we were blocked from each other’s social media accounts. I was at a Christian campus retreat and I saw Zane out of the corner of my eye. He approached me and I immediately felt awkward and weird. I had worked so hard to get over him (of course I wasn’t actually over him, just telling myself I was)!

Let’s just say I wasn’t cordial the first time I saw him again. I ignored him the entire weekend and was pretty rude. Zane texted me a week or so later and asked if we could set up some time to talk. He felt it would be best for us to put aside the past and just be friends. I was psyched about putting the past behind us but not excited about the “being friends” part. But, I was interested to hear how he had been so I agreed to a quick chat. That quick chat turned into months of longer chats. I realized pretty quickly that I was still in love with Zane deep down. I prayed often for God to take the feelings away or for Him to make it clear whether or not we should try our relationship again. The summer after our sophomore year of college we both went home to Houston and interned for our Church campus ministry. We drove to staff meeting together every Friday that summer—laughing and getting to know each other again. Zane was so different. He wasn’t the insecure boy I had dated before; I could tell his relationship with God was growing him into a confident and wise man. I was extremely attracted to those qualities and even loved the moments that he reminded me of the 17-year-old I had fallen in love with. One night I prayed a bold and special prayer. I told God that I didn’t want to date Zane again if he wasn’t going to be my husband in the end. The very next day, after months of wooing me, Zane asked me again to be his girlfriend on June 22, 2014.

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how they asked

Zane and I’s anniversary was coming up on June 22nd. We had a wedding to attend the weekend after so we decided to celebrate the week before. He included me in the plans and made me feel like I had come up with so many of the ideas of how we would celebrate. We planned a day full of our favorite things: brunch, hammocking in the park, and venturing out to Gold Creek Pond for a picnic. I didn’t suspect a thing…. I met him in the morning and he had a bouquet of blush roses tied up in a pink bow. He was wearing my favorite shirt and had it unbuttoned just enough for me to see the little hairs at the top of his chest that I love so much. We went to my favorite brunch spot and spoke about all the ways God has molded and grown us over the years. We cried and giggled thinking of all of the embarrassing moments that we LOVE (like the times Zane accidentally told me he liked me AND accidentally told me he loved me before we were “ready” to say things like that). Stuffed with vegan pancakes and fun memories we went to Volunteer Park Conservatory in Capitol Hill. Zane and I come here all the time when it’s sunny outside to Eno (hammock) together.

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That Saturday, we set up our Enos and spent the next few hours praying and laughing. I just kept thinking to myself: “what a perfect day, I want to do this forever.” I asked Zane what he was thinking about and he said something about comic-con and what he would dress up as if he ever got to go (he later told me he panicked because he was thinking of what he was going to say when he asked me to be his wife later that night) … again, didn’t suspect a thing. Zane was pretty adamant that we wrapped our day up in time to make the dinner reservations he made for us. This was the only part of the day I didn’t know about, or so I thought. Honestly, I was in no mood to rush. I wanted us to take our time so I suggested we move our reservations back an hour. Zane said no. I should have been suspicious, although he is the most punctual person I’ve ever met, he is typically pretty flexible. But, I was wildly oblivious so I packed up our Enos and we started the drive out to the Pond.

Zane wasn’t very talkative on the drive out. I didn’t mind, car rides make me nauseous and talking just makes it worse. I suggested we turn on some worship music and Zane quickly agreed. We held hands and sang along the whole way up. When Zane and I pulled into the parking lot of Gold Creek he told me not to bring my camera. I was pretty confused because the whole point of coming out here was to take pictures. I was far too excited to finally see the view so I didn’t put up a fight about it. The Pond was a bit of a ways off the parking lot. We started walking hand in hand and Zane asked if I wanted us to pray. I said yes and started us off. After I prayed, Zane closed us out. I could tell he was flustered; he was having a hard time putting his thoughts together– but I honestly didn’t think anything of it. We made it to the crest of the pathway and came across the Pond. I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful the view was! Gold Creek is a reflection Pond that is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and forest. I noticed a couple taking engagement pictures off to the side and made a mental note that it would be a pretty place to go to one day for us to take ours. The couple had a picnic set up for their shoot and Zane was walking right towards it. I told him we should probably steer clear so that we didn’t get in their way and he agreed… but kept walking straight towards that set up. That’s when it hit me. I saw the blanket and recognized it as our family picnic blanket that my mom has had for years. Zane led me to it and I burst into tears. He wiped my tears and said: “my love, I haven’t even asked you anything yet!” I looked at him and asked: “Are we really doing this right now?”

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Zane and I sat for a bit. He told me he loved me and that he had planned the whole day to be a reflection of what our life together would look like: brunch, giggles, snuggles in the park, praying and worship, and fun adventures together forever. I knew the proposal was coming and started to stress out that I couldn’t see my family anywhere. It was important to me that they were there when it happened. I looked at him and asked if my family knew this was happening and he said “Emmy, how do you think the blanket got here? Everyone knows and everyone is here.” I had stopped crying but that made me get all emotional again so Zane stood up and said he just wanted to ask me already. I stood up and he went to get down on one knee but I BURST into tears and asked him to just hold me first…. #dramatic. Y’all, we’ve been waiting for this moment for nearly six years… it was finally here and I was FLIPPING. OUT. He held me and then got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. I don’t even think I said anything, just a lot of crying and shaking my head yes!!! That’s when I saw my parents, my brother and my sister walking around the lake. I could see my mom crying. Then I saw two of my best friends in all the world walking behind them. One had flown out from Texas to be there to surprise me. There was also a photographer there capturing every bit of it—boogers and all. I was overwhelmed and SHOCKED and full on Kim Kardashian sobbing…. If that wasn’t enough, my parents and Zane surprised me with an incredible rooftop engagement party right after. So many people were there to celebrate us and our love!!

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The day was beyond perfect, more than I could ever dream of. But, more than that, my Zane is more than I could ever dream of in a husband. I see Christ’s love for me through Zane; he is gracious, merciful, supportive and unconditional in his love—just as my God is. Zane is my high school sweetheart, my college crush, and my forever love. He is the love of my past, my present, and my future. I can’t wait to be his wife!

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer