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Zach and I had been dating for four years (on the day!), and we were going to go celebrate our dating anniversary. Ever since we met he has blindfolded me to go on surprise dates, so once we got into the car and handed me a blindfold to wear; let’s just say I was expecting it :) He was in a T-shirt and shorts, so the thought never popped into my mind that he would propose because if you knew him, he would be in a suit and tie for that kind of occasion. He parked the car and said that he would be right back and to keep my blindfold on. After a few minutes he opened my door and guided me outside until we stopped. He handed me a speaker and said that an intro song will play, then once it skips to the next song I can take the blindfold off. The intro skipped to our song “stay alive”, and at that moment I knew this wasn’t a normal surprise date! I took my blindfold off and saw people looking at me holding sunflowers, and it took me a few seconds to recognize them as our families! I started crying at that moment because I was so filled with happiness and love. The spot he drove us to was where we would always go in the mountains and watch the sunset, so it definitely had a special place in our hearts. I walked down a trail passing family members who each handed me a flower until I made it to Zach who was standing in a huuuuge sunflower heart. (Can you tell sunflowers of my favorite? ;)) he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I don’t think I could even answer because of my tears so I just shook my head yes!

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He even changed out of his casual outfit while I was blindfolded! He did an amazing job and he is an amazing person. Afterwards we celebrated with our families and spent the day in Park City. I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together!

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