Emily and Zach

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Oak Farm Winery

How We Met

Me and Zach met online, and it was love at first sight.

how they asked

We always enjoyed wine tasting, he was acting so nervous that day, and he never gets like that. He took me to my favorite winery in Lodi, Michael David, the outside was under construction and the inside was so small, I didn’t want to stay at all. At this point Zach is really freaking out because h had something planned but all I wanted to do was leave. So he played along and took me to another winery and then another one and another one, at each winery always insisting we go walk around (now knowing he was trying to find the perfect spot) so it turned into a wine tasting trip, hitting all the local wineries. We overheard a group of people talking about where they were going next, it was “a beautiful winery with an barn” and Zach knew he wanted to go there. So we went, while I was in the restroom he told the guy working there that he was going to propose to me, when I came out of the restroom, the guy poured us champagne on the house “left over from a wedding” (so I wouldn’t get suspicious) and insisted we walk around to the barn. As we went to people we overheard were there and they came outside, and so did the gentleman, they videotaped the whole thing and the gentleman took this picture. It was a moment I will never forget. We came back inside and celebrated and they all gave us marriage advice, it was the most beautiful moment. Turns out those people were visiting from Washington and a year later we still have not received the video of him proposing but it’s stored in my heart forever.