Emily and Zach

Proposal Ideas Fort Worth, TX

How We Met

Zach and I met back in April thanks to a mutual friend. I have two little girls and was broken from my last realationship (& finally feeling and loving my independence) NEVER thinking I would find a man who would not only love me but my kids too. I agreed to meet him and we set up time (April 29) to meet at a local bar to watch a band play with our mutual friends and their friends. Pulling into the bar I was scared to death. I knew non of the other people who would be there and was meeting some stranger. As the night went on I knew he was a good guy. I instantly felt protected & knew I wanted to see him again.

how they asked

One of my favorite places on earth is Fort Worth, TX. We live in Columbus, Oh. Luckily it’s a quick two hour flight! I have family that lives there and it is just one of those places for me that makes me feel at peace and really myself. On October 12, 2017 I got on my flight for what I thought was a weekend trip to Fort Worth to visit my very best friend who recently moved to TX. We spent all day Friday and Saturday getting our nails done, shopping and catching up. Zach all along was telling me he had his monthly drill weekend (nothing out of the normal).

Saturday morning we all woke up, I called my girls and got ready for the day. My best friend kept telling me to change, as if shorts and a T-shirt wouldn’t cut it for a Saturday in TX. My aunt tells us she will take me, my best friend and cousin to lunch so we hurry and get ready and head to downtown Fort Worth when my aunt quickly pulls into the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. She says “It’s so pretty here I want to take your picture”. Sure. Still not thinking anything, because he should be in Ohio at drill. We walk around, it was gorgeous. My friend and Aunt keep taking our pictures…. then we get to the top of bridge and my friend tells me she wants to take my photo (still nothing out of the norm HA).

As I go to walk to the corner of the shelter/bridge Zach calls. I panic because I normally don’t hear from him when he is with the Army. He says “I have a surprise for you…” and I turn to look at my best friend with a concerned face and BAM there he is walking towards me. He proposed to me in my favorite place, with my best friend, family and a ring by Hedi Gibson, a designer who I’ve been obsessing over. He is the best man. It was absolutely perfect. Once we got to the restaurant after we all calmed down, he showed me a video of telling my girls that he was flying to Texas to ask their mommy to marry him. They were so excited. I’m so blessed to not only have found my soulmate but for my girls to found the perfect daddy to be with them as they grow. God is good.

Emily and Zach's Engagement in Fort Worth, TX