Emily and William

How We Met

William and I met in 7th grade homeroom. We were best friends ever since. I spent my middle and high school years dating boys and talking to him about my problems with each and every one of them. His advice was always for me to end it with them – I wonder why :) In December of 2013, my grandmother’s church was holding a homeless shelter and we decided to volunteer to work with the children. William plays guitar and when I saw him playing for the children and how their faces lit up – It sounds incredibly cliche but something inside of me just clicked. Suddenly this boy who was my best friend for what felt like forever was looking so handsome and it frankly scared the hell out of me. Did I really want to ruin our wonderful friendship? Was I just feeling this way because it was almost Christmas time and I didn’t want to be alone? The last thing that I wanted was to hurt him. After about a week of considering these feelings I finally just told him that I wanted to kiss him after the shelter one night. When it ended, he walked me to my car like usual and it was one of the most awkward yet amazing moment of my life. We started spending more and more time together and decided to go to prom as friends.

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On May 2, 2014 we skipped post prom and spent the night talking about how much we cared about each other (and officially started dating). We’ve gone through graduation, beach trips, and William leaving for the Air Force. And I’ve never been happier with another human being than him.

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how they asked

William is very outdoorsy and he has gotten me to enjoy it more, also. We liked to hike to a tower near our hometown called Governor Dick Tower. You climb up rusty bars and get to the cage at the top. It has a beautiful view. We’ve hiked there quite a few times, and it was also the place he told me that he was going to join the Air Force. We hiked there in the summer and got rust all over our clothes and ate sandwiches with orange fingers. Anyway, when we get to the bottom of the tower, we usually race to the top, but I heard him start climbing and I yelled “Hey!” and started climbing myself. After every few rungs of ladder, there is a small platform and they alternate to each side until the last set where both sides of the tower combine to the opening on the top. When I stepped onto the first platform, I noticed a piece of paper taped to the wall – very unusual. Then I noticed it was my own handwriting. I caught my breath and realized what was happening. He had taped some of the most important letters I had written to him while he was at Basic Military Training to the walls. I started to tear up, knowing what awaited me. As I was almost at the top of the tower, I heard Everlong by the Foo Fighters being played. When I finally got to the opening I saw William’s sister, Jessie, there! (She’s a photographer). Then I saw him – I rushed into his arms and he whispered “Hey best friend” into my hair. Then he got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife!

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