Emily and Will


How We Met

Okay okay okay. How we met. We met in the library at Appalachian State University. Go ‘Neers. It was the first time either of us had been in the library all year for a reason other than to go to coffee shop inside it. It was exam week and a mutual friend of ours rented a study room and had invited both of us to come study with her (aka bring her snacks and give all of us excuses to procrastinate). We all got exactly no studying done, but we did eat an entire bag of frosted animal crackers.

This is the part where Will would like me to say that “he wooed me with his good looks and his ability to rap Gold Digger by Kanye West on cue.” I mean, he’s not wrong.

Somehow, over the course of delirious studying, we ended up putting together the ultimate wedding reception playlist on Spotify, and decided that if we were ever to get married, we’d have to exit to “You Make My Dreams Come True” by good ‘ole Hall and Oates. (Easiest wedding planning decision we made post-engagement.)

From there, we left for Christmas break – him to Georgia and Hawaii (psh) and me to North Carolina – and didn’t see or talk to each other for a few months, until we ran in to eachother on campus and he invited me to his 21st birthday party. Fast forward, he’s a lil’ overserved that night and introduces me to his best friend as the girl he’s going to marry one day (thanks to Snapchat I have that sucker on video), fast forward three years and some change, and he tells me the same thing – this time sober and on one knee with a BIG OLE DIAMOND. Heyo. Anyway, lots of playlists, birthdays, road trips, milestones, and adventures later, here we are. Matrimony n’ stuff.

how they asked

So. Will blindsided me with a proposal after a 9 a.m. tailgate for the App State Clemson game in South Carolina. His family friends own the world’s most beautiful lake house on Lake Keowee just outside Clemson that is one of my favorite places on earth. I’d always told Will I wanted a low-key, personal proposal at a place I loved.

So I’m told that all of our friends and family are coming to tailgate for the App State game and spending the rest of the weekend at the lake house together. After the tailgate, Will tells me that he’s tired and wants to go back and watch the game at the house, so we head back – I’m full of prosecco and Chik fil A nuggets so I’m in a great mood and game for anything at this point. On the way back to the house, thinking we have time to kill, I suggest we go see the village area of the community the lake house is in.

Pause – one of my favorite movies ever is Big Fish. In Big Fish, if you haven’t seen it (then go watch it), there’s a little town in the movie that dead ends at a little white chapel, and the village area at the Lake Keowee looks really similar, down to a tiny white chapel overlooking the lake. There’s also a proposal scene in the movie where the guy plants a field of yellow flowers outside the girl’s window to ask him to marry him.

Unpause – I’d been telling Will I wanted to see the place, and he’d promised me we could go see it on the way home that weekend, so I thought going to see the chapel and the village when we were supposed to be at the football game was my idea. Nope. Will had a photographer (one of our best friends, shoutout to Cameron Faye Photography) in the chapel waiting on us and both of our families hiding in the village to surprise us after the proposal.

The proposal itself was a blur – no one can prepare you for the feeling of seeing your favorite person on one knee with a ring box (or especially for how you’ll black out most of the moment in excitement) – but a bouquet of yellow roses, a ring and a FIANCE (yeah yay yeah) later, we got to spend the rest of the weekend celebrating with our best friends and family, and it rocked. And my fiancé rocks. And engagement rocks. The end.







Special Thanks

Cameron Faye