Emily and Tyler

How We Met

Where do I begin? Let’s see.. Well, I was born and raised in Saint Louis, MO. Tyler is from Burlington, IA. We first met in the beginning of October, 2011. It was the weekend and I was going downtown in Saint Louis to some bars with friends. We walked in to this bar called Fusion (which is no longer there). As soon as I walked in, I noticed Tyler. He was a bouncer at that club. I had said to my friend Paul, “That guy is super cute!” My friend Paul went up to him when I was not looking and told him what I said. I don’t remember how much time passed but my friend Emily and I were headed to the restroom. We had to walk past Tyler to get there. As I was walking past him, he tapped me on my shoulder. We started talking and ended up talking the whole night, until the bar ended up closing. We swapped numbers and I let him get back to work. We started texting a lot, we made a date that Sunday to go out. I ended up getting too nervous to go out with him so I just never texted him back.

About a week went by, my friends and I planned on going back to that bar. I had texted him to let him know that I was going to be there and hoping to see him. We started talking again, I met up with him at the bar and we talked all night again. We picked another day to go out and I made sure to go through with it. We went to Noodles & Co, one of my faves. He bought lunch and we were both so nervous. After lunch, we went back to his apartment and talked for hours. He told me about his family, life. journey and what brought him to Saint Louis. He does MMA and was training at Finneys here. He had moved to Saint Louis in September.

I went home that night and we texted non stop. We made plans to see each other the next few days. We started talking everyday, hanging out everyday over the next month. He had a fight lined up in Branson, MO and asked me to come with him. The night before his fight, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Fight day – he headed out early and I drove with friends to meet up later. He lost that fight and messed up his knee pretty bad so I took care of him (well the best I could). That night we were laying down, our normal convo. He looked at me and held up a heart, I did the same back. I had told my friend Emily earlier that night that I thought I was falling in love with Tyler. While laying down, I told Tyler I had something to tell him. I whispered in his ear and told him that I loved him. He looked at me and told me that he loved me too. We got back to Saint Louis and I had basically lived with Tyler after that.

Our first Christmas and he took me to Iowa to meet his family. March came around and Tyler was planning on moving back to Iowa at some point. I was very confused on what to do. We ended up breaking up for about 3 weeks. The night before he left for Iowa he got a hold of me and wanted to see me before he left. We met up and obviously realized we wanted to be together. He wanted me to move with him. It took some time but in June 2012, I got a job and moved to Iowa. I’ve been here ever since. We do travel back to see my family often. We just purchased our very first home together as well so life is good! It hasn’t been an easy ride but it was so worth it. I’ve never been happier. I believe somethings happen for a reason. Tyler always tells me he was meant to go to Saint Louis to find me, not fight. I’d say we’re pretty lucky. Plus, I turned him into a Blues fan! LGB!

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how they asked

So four months back we decided to finally get professional pictures taken. About two months before we were going to get pictures taken, he started taking me to go look at rings. I obviously had a clue what was up his sleeve, but I tried to play it off. So we looked for rings, we went to three different stores and finally decided to stay with Beckers until we found the one! I found the ring that I wanted about a month before our pics and he said, “Alright, I’ll handle the rest.” The date we originally had to get pictures done, the weather was really crappy so we had to reschedule. So finally November 7th comes! We got up and started getting ready, we had to meet Melissa at 10:00 am. I thought Tyler would be nervous or show some type of emotion if he was planning on popping the question, but I got nothing! I thought, “Maybe he’ll wait until the holidays when we are with my family.” 10:00 am rolls around and we met up with Melissa at Perkins Park. We brought our fur babies to get some pics with them before we went downtown. So we took the pics with the boys and then once we were done we took them back home and headed downtown. I had certain spots that I wanted to take pics at so we got that out of the way. Melissa said she had a few spots in mind, so we followed her. She brought us to these red beautiful bushes that was out of the way from all the traffic. A nice, quiet spot where we could just focus on each other. She had us do some poses and then I started to turn my back. She and Tyler made up a code word for when he was going to ask me. She started talking about how she was glad we could reschedule because she was just getting over a cold she had. I went to turn to her and tell her that I was glad she was feeling better and he had grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. I went to tell him, “Hey! I was talking to her!” and he started to tell me how much he loved me. He was looking right at me and I forgot everything around me. All I remember him saying is how happy he was and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. He struggled getting that box out of his jean pocket but it gave us a good chuckle. He was holding my left hand the whole time and my other hand was trying to stop the tears from running down my face! He opened the box and there it was… that gorgeous ring that I had loved the second I seen it! It was finally my ring! I of course said, “YES!” He slipped that bad boy on my finger and I immediately just hugged him. I don’t think we’ve ever hugged each other so tight! We just kept saying how much we loved each other and smiling ear to ear. We went on to finish out our pictures. Our photographer got the most amazing shots of the proposal! I had never noticed that spot before and now, it’s my favorite in town. That was the best day of my life!

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Special Thanks

Melissa Cervantes
 | Photographer
Beckers Jewelers
 | Jeweler