Emily and Tyler

How We Met

I worked with Tyler’s mom at United Credit Union in Mexico and Tyler and I would see each other in passing. He eventually added me on Facebook and the rest is history!

How They Asked

The proposal was a huge surprise! I thought he was going to propose during our maternity pictures, but when we finished the pictures and he didn’t propose, I was pretty disappointed. I even said to him as we were driving back home that I was kind of sad because I was hoping he was going to propose. He pulled in to the driveway of our future house (the one we were building) and his mom was waiting there and gave me some Cheetos (pregnancy cravings, lol). We still didn’t have any lights installed at the house, and it was pitch black outside so he walked me over to what would soon be our bay window and flipped on a shop light and the light lit up the wood paneling that read “We’ve been saying it for months now, so let’s make it official. Marry me?” And when I turned around he was on one knee!



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