Emily and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I met in high school in 2012 when I was a sophomore and he was a junior. We had class next door to each other, and one morning before class started I saw him for the first time talking to one of my good guy friends. I was immediately interested and asked my friend who that really cute guy was! Turns out they were on the soccer team together and my friend told him I thought he was cute. He later added me on facebook and we messaged back and forth and decided to get lunch together the next day. I was really nervous to meet him in person so I chickened out and didn’t go! We continued to text nonstop and finally ended up meeting for the first time when I needed a ride to school. We were late and didn’t get much time to talk so we had lunch for real that day and became inseparable from that point forward. Our first date was a movie night at his house where we made a fort and that night we had our first kiss. He asked me to be his girlfriend on February 20th, 2012 and the rest is history!

Proposal Ideas The Aquinnah Cliffs, Marthas Vineyard, MA

After we became “official” we had lunch together every single day in high school and I attended every single one of his soccer games. We spent every waking moment we could together. From the beginning, we have had such an easy and natural connection.

Emily's Proposal in The Aquinnah Cliffs, Marthas Vineyard, MA

We attended every school event together and went to three proms. Tyler transferred to another school for his senior year and then moved to Charleston, SC in 2013 to attend College of Charleston. We were long distance for a year until I could join him. I started college in 2014 and we moved in together in 2015. Charleston has been our home together for the last four years and since then we have grown so much. It has been amazing to grow up with my best friend and watch each other change and become adults together.

Emily and Tyler's Engagement in The Aquinnah Cliffs, Marthas Vineyard, MA

how they asked

Every year we take a vacation together just the two of us. In April Tyler told me he wanted to plan our vacation this year and that it was a surprise. I am such a planner so I naturally was apprehensive of the idea, but eventually gave in. A few weeks went by and he couldn’t stand it any longer so he finally told me he was taking me to Boston and Martha’s Vineyard! We have been to Boston before, he has family there, but never to Martha’s Vineyard and I have always wanted to go.

I was so excited, going to new places together is one of our favorite things to do. When the time finally came we flew to Boston, and then a day later we were off to Martha’s Vineyard! Once we made it onto the island we had lunch and then rented a moped for the duration of our trip. We spent the first day getting to know the island, and riding around Edgartown and Oak Bluffs. Zipping up and down Beach Rd was one of our favorite things! On Sunday we decided to go visit the Aquinnah Cliffs on the other side of the island. We rode up around sunset, and had so much fun riding through the hilly countryside. It was a nice 30 minute ride, then we finally made it to the top! First, we walked up to the lookout, which has a beautiful view of the lighthouse and cliffs all in one. We stayed for a little while and then walked along the sandy trail leading up to the lighthouse.

Once we made it up to the lighthouse we started taking pictures and enjoying the view. It was a gorgeous panoramic view of the water. We walked over to the fence on the edge of the cliffs and he told me to climb up for a few shots. Tyler usually takes all of my pictures for instagram so this was not unusual! Then he told me to turn around so he could get a picture of me looking out at the water. A few moments later he said he was done and when I turned around he was on his knee! I started crying when he told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to be with me forever. He then said “will you freaking marry me?” and I of course said yes! We were both crying happy tears, we have dreamed of this moment for years and it was absolutely perfect. I could not imagine a better man to spend my life with.

We rode off into the sunset together all the way back to Edgartown where we had a wonderful dinner to celebrate. Now we have this special place that we can come back to for years to come. I still can’t believe I get to marry my best friend and soul mate! Six and a half years down, forever to go!