Emily and Tripp

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After spending all day on the lake, we went out to a nice dinner and I had been suspicious back and forth all day but driving home from dinner I spent the whole car ride telling myself that it wasn’t going to happen tonight. I had started to get suspicious about 2 weeks before but his entire family had been SO causal the whole weekend that I told myself it’s not happening. Then, we finally get back to the lake house and he parked at the top of the driveway (hello heels) and I asked him why would he park at the top of the hill when I’m wearing heels (he is a southern gentleman after all)?! Neither of us remember what he said because shortly after I saw the hot tub cover open and candles and string lights everywhere. It was so beautiful like out of the bachelor. As soon as I saw all of the candles and lights I knew this was it. We walked over to the photos of us and candles and he got on one knee and I was just so excited I am pretty sure I said yes before he even actually asked. And the ring is an absolute dream, which he designed all by himself!

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