Emily and Travis

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Naples, Florida

How We Met

About three years ago Travis and I swiped right on each other on Tinder. I just remember thinking how CUTE he was and he was so easy to talk to! He was supposed to drive down to my hometown to spend a day at the beach with me but I chickened out and bailed on him last minute. After that we didn’t talk for four months. Yikes. Finally I got a random snapchat from him and decided to shoot my shot. I told him my days off that week and we finally had our first date and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Several months into dating Travis I knew fairly quickly I wanted to marry him. Fast forward to nearly three and a half years together around Christmas this past year our dear friend Mikayla got married. My parents were picking us up and driving my car back to their place that night since there are hardly no Ubers in Southwest Michigan. I was going to ride with my mom while Travis and my dad drove my car back. Being a liiiittttle bit tipsy I decided to yell across the parking lot that this would be a good time for Travis to ask my dad for his blessing (I thought this was hilarious but Trav’s face was beet red so I don’t think he did). Little did I know that was his plan all along! Leading up to the proposal I wouldn’t say I knew it was going to happen but I was very hopeful. We had been planning a trip to Hawaii for several months, we had our coffee tours, hiking spots, and other excursions planned. I thought he would HAVE to propose on this trip- who wouldn’t? Once we were all packed and heading to the airport we got a call that the trip had been canceled due to COVID-19. I remember telling Travis we can just go home and save our time off for another trip later this year but he was so adamant on going somewhere still (and now I know why). We decided on meeting his family in Florida and spending a weekend with them before going to Naples to spend the week together. On our second day there, I told Travis I would love to check out the beach and dress up for a nice picture since it was such a beautiful day. On our walk to find the perfect spot to watch the sunset Travis called me over to this little tiki hut. I was convinced it was part of someones property so I kept walking for 50 yards (ops!) but I realized Travis was not behind me. So, I decided I would go see what the hype was all about. He set his phone up to take a video so we could screen shot our pictures from it. I knew as soon as he told me he loved me this was it. I was so surprised that he was actually asking me to marry him that I think I blacked out from shock. It was honestly the sweetest surprise- now Naples will always have a special place in our hearts!

Emily and Travis's Engagement in Naples, Florida