Emily and Tim

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Tim and I met on Facebook (of all places) in August of 2013. We started dating in September 14, 2013. We have been together almost 4 years. Our first date was putting out deer corn at his hunting stands after went to his house and meet his whole family then we went to watch the movie “The Wolverine”.

Weeks before hand I had to work a Saturday and Tim was going to get something to eat. There are places around where we live to go eat… but he thought it was smart to go to the one around my parents house! I thought nothing of it at the time. He had called my mom who was at the grocery store. He called and asked to speak to dad; she said “he’s at home but I’ll have him call you back!” He said “no, I need to talk to him in person.” My mom was in shock and went as fast as she could in the store. Tim was helping my dad put his bird house up and decided he waited long enough, so he asked! My dad was speechless! If you know my dad he is NEVER speechless! He said “as long as she makes you happy and you love her.” Tim said “she makes me the happiest man in the world, she’s my best friend.” Mom got home; Dad said well you better ask her momma, Tim went to ask her and she started bawling her eyes out!

They kept it a secret for two weeks. We were getting ready to be heading to the beach for our annual July beach trip. Tim had to work and I was granted the privalage to pack the car. If you love to organize then this is a job for you! So I packed the car with everything but ourselfves and Dash. While I was packing Dash felt it would be a good idea to lick a lizard. That’s right a lizard! He started foaming at the mouth and shaking his head. I’m an animal lover so this scared me so bad! I called Tim (who was at work) balling my eyes out telling him something was wrong with dash and he needed to call the vet! With the car slam packed I drove with dash in my arm and got to the vet. It was July forth, a beautiful beach day. We had both decided earlier in the week that we was going to take our dog Dash out on the beach. Well we had over slept and had about 45 minutes until dogs weren’t allowed on the beach. So he woke me up and told me to hurry!

We got on the beach and dash loved it! He was chasing the foam from the ocean. The house we stayed at has a mason jar; they ask for you to put a shell with your name on it. So I was finding these beautiful shells and was in front of Tim… well he said “babe look at this shell..” I turned around and he was there down on his knee with a ring!! He was just smiling as big as he possibly could! I at the time had a promise ring on and you know how you get sticky and sort of swollen while at the beach? Well, I looked at him and said “hold on!” I ran into the ocean to get my promise ring off and ran right back out! Of course I said “YES!!” We went back to the house, I was crying and sweating! My dad didn’t know what to say when we showed him! He just hugged me as tight as he could and just cried. My mom was just excited to see the ring after having to keep it a secret! My dad called my nana and told her “I need as much money that you can get out of the bank, I need to bribe Tim” (I’m my dads only girl..) We all just giggled and stared at my ring! Come to find out I packed the ring! My fiancé loves to fish at the beach! He had packed my ring in his big tackle box! “I SAID YES!!!”

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