Emily and Tayler

How We Met

Tayler and Emily met in the summer of 2014 while Tayler was interning at the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame; his boss, Kirsten, was Emily’s roommate. They went on a few nerves-filled dates that summer, but it wasn’t until a year later that the two started seriously dating. While Emily spent the summer working in Washington, D.C., Tayler and she talked regularly over text, phone calls, and Skype. Tayler picked Emily up from the airport when she returned home to Denver, yielding a “who is Tayler?” from her parents and a “why is Tayler going to the airport?” from Tayler’s. Fast-forward 18 months, lots of time with both families, several graduations, new jobs, and of course the seal of approval from Tayler’s dog Rex, and the wedding is coming up quick!

Image 1 of Emily and Tayler

how they asked

Tayler deserves major props for his proposal planning skills; even when Emily unknowingly worked to unravel his well-laid plans by planning her own weekend events, he pulled off a wonderful evening full of loved ones. Upon arriving at Union Station in downtown Denver under the guise that the they were going to have drinks with Tayler’s co-workers, they stood outside while he “called his coworkers” to figure out where they were – all of which was just a distraction so he could get behind Emily. He pointed at someone in the distance and said, “Is that John walking toward us?” Emily of course looked to see if it is, and about asked Tayler if he needed his vision checked as he had pointed out an elderly gentleman that’s a good 10 inches shorter than their friend John. Tayler snuck his way behind Emily’s back, so when she went to ask him what he was talking about she was greeted by the sight of him on one knee. After an enthusiastic yes, Emily’s good friend (and Tay’s former boss), Kirsten came across the street as Tayler had recruited her to take pictures. When Emily saw her, she realized she had looked directly at her at one point but with her camera in front of her face aimed at such a popular tourist/photography spot Emily hadn’t recognized her or thought anything of it. Their friend Eric met the three of them for a drink inside Union Station’s popular Terminal Bar – one of Emily’s favorites – and Tayler informed her that they had a room to check into at the Crawford Hotel inside the station as well! After they checked in, Tayler had reservations made at one of the pair’s favorite dinner spots, Fogo de Chao, with both sets of parents, his brother and sister-in-law, and Emily’s brother and his girlfriend. They had a great meal, and then he revealed he had even MORE celebrating planned. Tayler had rented out the second, more private bar area in Union Station, Cooper Lounge, and had many of the couple’s closest friends waiting for us there to celebrate more after dinner. He had even recruited some of Emily’s friends to arrange for her best friend to drive 9 HOURS down from Jackson Hole to join in the celebrations. It was a night full of surprises and their favorite people and Emily didn’t see it coming at all – shoutout to Tayler and the friends and family for being really good at keeping such a sizable secret!

Image 2 of Emily and Tayler