Emily and Tanner

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Conants Apple Orchard, Maine

How We Met

Ten… I was ten years old when I met Tanner. My very first crush was in the fifth grade and it was him. At eleven, he started to show interest back. Well in that thirteen year old boy kinda way, anyways. I had his number memeorized, I knew what classroom he was in throughout the day, and we would text and then play it cool when we actually saw each other… Then at thirteen I was going into my freshman year of high school and that junior football captain was dropping me off for pre season and asked me out ? We have been through everything together. All four proms, state championships, lost loved ones, been college roommates, college graduation, and now as dog parents living in a cozy little home planning a wedding…

how they asked

We had been looking at rings for a good six months. He would suggest popping into the jewelry stores and have me try things on and I would play it cool, totally “eeekking” inside.

People ask if it was a surprise, yes and no. We have been together since before I was even in high school – yes, I knew it would come. Was it a surprise when it happened? Oh heck yea! We had been given a free photo shoot a month prior and that same photographer had asked if we would be interested in another one because she has good response to the first. Of course, I said yes. Little did I know, she already had my ring and a plan with Tanner to ask me. I had absolutely no idea until the very second I saw him on his knee…I didn’t even let him ask me before I said yes and went in for the smooch? I water up just thinking about it. The man that fulfilled all of my childhood crushes and dreams was finally that man to me… I am so grateful and thankful for all my life is coming to and the history we have. My not only high school, but middle school sweetheart will become my husband next July ♥️

Proposal Ideas Conants Apple Orchard, Maine

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