Emily and Tanner

Image 1 of Emily and Tanner

How We Met

We met at a meeting at church. He got my number from my cousin and sent me a text as a joke that his name was James Hotdog and he had been watching me from the air vents during the meeting. It got me interested, we started talking regularly, and the rest was history!

How They Asked

He took me on an early morning walk around a lake. As we were crossing a stone bridge, he grabbed my shoulders to stop me. I thought for sure he was going to push me in the lake! But he handed me a note that read, “do you love me? Do you want to be my wife? And if you do, well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand if you want to. I think this is how love goes. Check yes or no” (based on the George Straight song). I turned around, and he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand. He handed me a pen, I checked yes, and he asked me to be his wife!