Emily and Shiloh

Where to Propose in He proposed in my backyard garden where we had recently planted some greenery.

How We Met

Shiloh is my high school sweetheart. In 2011 we met and became instant friends. He was beginning his Senior year and I was a Sophomore. What immediately attracted me to him was his insane hair! Shiloh had an Afro that was bright red, and I had the sweetest nickname for him. We started out as friends and would call each other every night to play a game we invented. I would give him a song and he would have five minutes to learn it on his guitar. When the five minutes passed, he would call me back and play it for me. Our relationship grew stronger until I realized that I’d grown feelings for him. One night during one of our talks, he mentioned that he’d had the weirdest dream about a girl. In his dream, they had ridden a magic carpet (cue the Aladdin theme song) and it had made him confused about the girl. Being the great friend that I am (just a little bit of sarcasm there), I asked who it was.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in He proposed in my backyard garden where we had recently planted some greenery.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in He proposed in my backyard garden where we had recently planted some greenery.

I figured if I knew, I would be able to squash my feelings for him. He was extremely closed off about it, which was unusual, but I assumed he wasn’t ready to talk about it. After a few days of harassing him for the name, he said he had a plan to tell her all about his feelings with a song. The butterflies in my stomach arose. Someone else was going to be getting the gorgeous music that had started it all between us. I waited days to hear what her response was but got nothing. Then, one night while I was spending the night with a friend, I get a phone call. Over the phone, Shiloh plays She Is Love by Parachute. Almost immediately after the song, he hangs up; I couldn’t believe it. I woke up my sleeping friend and told her what happened: I was the girl in his dreams! A few weeks later he graduated high school, and I figured he would start fresh in college. Though it hurt to realize it, I knew we would still be great friends. Until the end of the summer. We had all gathered to say goodbye to the seniors, and he asks me to sit outside with him on the steps of our favorite restaurant. I head out there and think that this is the final goodbye, he end to our perfect summer. The question out of his mouth was the second best one I’ve heard him ask: “Will you be my long-distance girlfriend?” I happily agreed, and the rest is history…

how they asked

Shiloh and I have been dating since 2012. Before he went off to college, he asked me to do long distance, and I agreed (I am two years younger). As time passed, we both knew we wanted to get married, but I had no idea what he had up his sleeve (almost literally)! Shiloh proposed in May of 2018, but what most people don’t know is that he’d had the ring in his pocket since DECEMBER! I nearly cried from laughing when I found out! Every time we were spending time together, he was on the verge of proposing. A few weeks into the new year he suddenly had this awful attack of hives. I’d wondered what had been going on, but he insisted it was under control. The weekend before he proposed, he mentioned that his hives had been bothering him, but I didn’t read into it. Then, it’s a Thursday afternoon, and my stepdad insists that he has a package that is to be delivered after school. I’m a teacher, and I offered to sign for it when I got home from work.

Fast forward a few hours, and my hair is up in a bun, I have on my ratty gardening clothes, and I get a phone call from my stepdad. He says the package has been delivered to the backyard. He tells me to go out and check if it is there. When I head to the backyard and see my sweet Shiloh on one knee, my jaw drops. I can’t believe that he is there with the prettiest ring in his hands. He asks the most important question I’ve ever heard, and I give him the answer we both know is coming.

After, I realized that my whole family was in on planning it! We took a few selfies after, but having the most special moment of our relationship to ourselves meant the world to us. We spent the evening showing off my new ring and celebrating with friends and family. Now, I bet you’re wondering about the hives…well it turns out that Shiloh was awfully nervous and he had gotten them whenever he was getting ready to pop the question! At least I know he isn’t allergic to me because we’ve got a long way to go!

Special Thanks

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Took some photos of us after :) on an iPhone!