Emily and Seth

How We Met

I had just gotten out of a rough relationship and totally given up on dating for a while. I spent most weekends at a friend’s for game night. One evening, they invited Seth over. When I arrived, my usual seat was blocked with a box and the only free chair was next to Seth. Our friends set us up! He was so handsome and mysterious, so polite and funny… We flirted all night, and our friends pointed it out and made jokes the whole time. Every idea I’d had in my head about not seeing anyone and staying single for a whole disappeared. It was truly as if I knew he would totally change my life.

how they asked

Every year, Seth and I have Christmas photos taken. I’m a huge scrapbooker, and I love to send holiday cards. Seth had been in Las Vegas for a week. The day after he came back home, we met our photographer at a beautiful wooded nature trail in Oklahoma City. We took lots of sweet photos for Christmas and when we were done, the photographer said, “Okay, I think we’re done! Y’all are perfect!”

Seth said asked, “Do you have time to take a few more?” I looked at the photographer…neither one of us knew what was going on. We thought he was crazy! All of the sudden, she starts snapping pictures again. I turn and Seth is down on one knee, a huge smile on his face. It was all such a blur. He said, “All week, being away from you, I’ve been thinking about how much I hate it, and how I never want to be without you in my life. Emily, will you marry me?” I couldn’t even get the word “yes” out. The photographer and I were both crying! It was great planning on his part. A huge surprise–and I have photos for our scrapbook!!

Image 1 of Emily and Seth

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