Emily and Sebastian

How We Met

Sebastian and I met working at a clothing store in the Meatpacking district of NYC. I remember the first time I ever saw him, I left the store and called my mom to tell her that I just met the man I was going to marry! We became instant friends, always making each other laugh, but it wasn’t until I decided to leave the company that our friendship quickly grew into a relationship. We had both met our match!

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how they asked

Sebastian told me we were going to the Philharmonic at Lincoln Center but that he had a surprise for me beforehand so we were going to need to leave for the city earlier. We took the bus into the City (even after I protested and had to change into more appropriate heels to walk in) and took the subway up to 72nd and West End, where he had a secret photographer waiting for us. We walked along his well thought out trail, all while I had no idea we were being photographed. As we were walking towards the spot he picked, he’s telling me how when he proposes he wants us to find a place like Central Park because it’s so beautiful. So there I am thinking “Great, it’s not happening until next fall,” when he asks a vendor to take our picture but instead of posing he turned to me instead!

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Once he grabbed my hands, I knew what was happening and couldn’t help but start crying. I said yes even before he got down on one knee and finally asked if I would make him the luckiest man in the world!

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After finally getting the ring on my shaking finger, he let me know abut our photographer that had been following us, snapping photos and hiding behind people and trees! Once we took a few dozen photos in the park celebrating our engagement, we headed down to my next surprise, a room for the night at The Standard hotel on the High Line!

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After popping a bottle of Champagne in our room, we were off to dinner, yet another surprise he had in store for me! As we walked into my favorite restaurant, Prova in Chelsea, and were led to the back, we were greeted by our family and closest friends! After dinner he took me into their back speakeasy bar to let me know that even more friends were joining us to celebrate!

I still can’t get over all of the planning and details that Sebastian put together to make this day so special! I have never been so surprised!

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Special Thanks

Zurab Kei
 | Photographer
 | Ring
 | Restaurant