Emily and Sean

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How We Met

Sean and I met the summer after our freshmen year at college at The Ocean Isle Fishing Center in Ocean Isle Beach, NC where we both worked. I am a farmer’s daughter from a small town in Southeastern North Carolina and he was raised in the military, living all over the world and eventually settling down in Augusta, Georgia. He was shy and quiet, I was and still am loud and talkative so I guess you can say opposites attract? I had a crush on him IMMEDIATELY, I mean take one look at him and you’ll see why :) It took weeks to get him to talk to me…but, hanks to some liquid encouragement and a night out with friends, he finally talked to me after a midnight swim in the ocean.

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3 days later we went on our first date and the rest is history. We would then spend the next 4 years living 6 hours apart, I was at NC State (Go Pack!) and he was in school in Athens, GA (Go Dawgs!) Our summers were spent together at OIB, thank God, working all day every day, hanging out with friends, and falling in love with not just each other, but with life, and our beautiful piece of paradise we call Ocean Isle Beach. I graduated and became a Realtor® and then he graduated and now works with my family’s farm. We are so blessed to have found each other and we can not wait to see what our future has in store for us.

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how they asked

A few months ago, back in August, Sean called me on a random Tuesday and told me to meet him at the jewelry store back home (insert shocked face) and we did a little looking :) Now, obviously having dated almost 5 years, we had of course talked about marriage and babies, but we didn’t really have a timeline on anything. We wanted to make sure we were established and ready. So once we looked at rings, I figured it could be the next few months or within the next year.

The North Carolina Oyster Festival here at Ocean Isle Beach is our favorite weekend and activity to go to and I always would think to myself that it would be a perfect weekend for an engagement to take place :) I’m not a fan of holiday proposals so since the Oyster Festival is like our own special little holiday, I thought it could be perfect, but of course had no idea if it would happen, so I didn’t think about it too much.

Fast forward to October…we get news that my aunt and uncle from New York are coming into town for the festival, which they NEVER do, so I thought that was a little strange, but again didn’t dwell on it too much. Fast forward to week of festival and my mom is like an energizer bunny getting our beach house cleaned up and yard work done, which again was a little off but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. With the festival approaching, a few friends of mine were coming into town that Friday and so we got our nails done and decided to walk next door to the Lowe’s Foods and have a drink (one of our friends just had a baby and her mother in law was watching her so mom was free for a few hours :) ) We sat down to have our drinks and I be darned if I don’t see two of my other best friends walk in to Lowe’s (to get champagne). No one knew that I saw them….but at that moment I was like holy S**T it’s happening!!! So, I then had to keep my cool, finish my drink and go about my merry way pretending that it was just another Friday afternoon.

I was hanging out at the house when Sean calls me to go grab a drink and that we would take the boat. So, in my mind I’m like is it happening right now, later, tomorrow???? So I have a fashion crisis trying to figure out if I should dress proposal ready or not…I did and boy am I glad. Sean picked me up on the boat, took me to the bridge where the most perfect view of the sunset is and asked me to marry him :) Of course I said yes.

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Afterwards, our sisters and a friend were photographing it on a boat behind us and Sean’s family was up on the grounds filming it. We took pictures and then headed back to my beach house where over 30 of our friends and family were waiting there to celebrate with us. It was PERFECT!!!

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They sneakily rented a house for the whole weekend and it turned into the most fun and exciting Oyster Festival to date.

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