Emily and Sean

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How We Met

My fiance, Sean and I are two outgoing and energetic Milwaukee natives who met at a music festival in Chicago, Illinois, about five years ago. Since then, we’ve developed a beautiful relationship built on love, faith, adventure, and the willingness to try new things with one another. We’ve enjoyed countless trips throughout the years, whether it be to celebrate a friend’s wedding in the Canadian Rockies, or a Green Bay Packers game in Denver, or a quiet fishing trip in Michigan. Our conversations always turned to Europe – our love of travel and the unknown kept pulling us to Italy (my family is Sicilian, so I’ve always wanted to explore the Mediterranean side of the world).

About six months ago, Sean and I decided to turn our dreams into a reality. We began planning a trip to Rome and the unbelievably gorgeous Amalfi Coast. As we grew closer to our departure date, I wanted to pinch myself – was this reality? My first adventure to Europe involved such magical, historical, gorgeous destinations.

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how they asked

We were four days into our trip when I began to wonder if his proposal was imminent. I knew 2018 was the year we would take the next, big, exciting step into our relationship – but I had no idea when it would happen. And I was okay with that – we were having the time of our life, mingling with locals, enjoying amazing food and wine, soaking up the culture. But the morning of Wednesday, May 30th, everything changed…

We woke up with the sunrise at our beautiful hotel – the Hotel Miramalfi, snuggled right into the seaside cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. The sky was cloudless, the sun already blazing with heat and that special southern Italy glow. Sean and I packed our belongings, eagerly awaiting the next step of our bustling, non-stop trip – an hour-long boat ride to Sorrento, Italy! After enjoying some coffee on our balcony, we checked out and lounged on the hotel’s rooftop deck, waiting for our ride to the port. We had the quiet, peaceful area entirely to ourselves. Sean suggested I change my from my current casual outfit to this cute purple and floral pantsuit I had packed. He had on his favorite purple oxford, looking sharp, and wanted to match. (By the way, he picked out and purchased this outfit for me before we left Milwaukee for our trip!)

I thought nothing of it, and being a stubborn Italian girl, I hesitated in changing. I didn’t want to dig through my luggage at first, but then reconsidered – after all, we were about to embark to Sorrento and potentially hit the town as soon as we got in. I definitely wanted to pair it with my favorite hat – and he had his favorite hat on, too. I changed and came back upstairs to the rooftop to take some final photos. The view was breathtaking, and I hated having to leave our lovely hotel!

Sean then disappeared for about 15 minutes, to freshen up himself and get some water. I was gazing at the boats on the harbor when he reappeared, with a smiling, lovely German couple behind him. Sean said, “Emily, let’s take one last photo here in Amalfi together.” Without hesitation, I agreed. He took my hand and faced me, and soon began to pour out his heart. “Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa,” he quoted – which loosely translates in Italian to “why the heck are you here?” This also references the name of the little craft beer pub we visited in Rome days prior, as well as Venuti, which is my mother’s maiden name. Sean expressed that he was here because of me, because of our love and our bright future ahead.

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He got down on one knee, pulled out a box, and without hesitation I embraced him and said: “Of course!” With joyful laughter and tears falling, I said yes and put on the most exquisite, beautiful ring! With the Italian sun beating down, Sean’s smiling glowing, hugs aplenty from our German friends, and the brink of our future welcoming us with open arms – our engagement had just begun in an amazing, unique and gorgeous way. Onto Sorrento, we went – a boat ride filled with friendly cheers, crashing waves, Peroni beers clinking, and a happiness, unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

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I wish we had secured the information from the lovely couple who assisted Sean in photographing our proposal. They were a sweet husband and wife from Hamburg, Germany, that were staying at our hotel. A million heartfelt thanks go out to them, for their spontaneous, generous and genuine photography – these memories that we will hold dear for a lifetime. They gave us big hugs and kisses and went on their way from the hotel. I am so grateful that they were in the right place at the right time. How wonderful!

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