Emily and Scott

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York, New York

How We Met

Scott and I met in 2014 at Lipscomb University in Nashville TN. At the time we met we were actually both dating other people, but as luck would have it, by 2015 we both found ourselves single. Over the summer before my senior year and his sophomore year, we became inseparable…as friends.

At the time I lived in my first apartment and Scott would come over almost every night to watch or movie, go grab dinner, or even just go for a drive. I, of course, thought nothing this. My roommate at the time kept telling me that Scott wouldn’t be spending this much of his time with me if he wasn’t interested in being more than friends, I didn’t believe her. But, after many talks and late-night hangs I eventually started to “catch feelings” for him. I was super nervous because I really wasn’t looking for a boyfriend at the time, but the heart wants what it wants.

Proposal Ideas New York, New York

By the end of the summer, we found ourselves hanging out at my place, watching a movie, and lost in conversation when Scott takes a long pause and says “I feel like I haven’t been honest with you.” My heart starts POUNDING. “I kinda have feelings for you.” My heart still POUNDING. I was trying so hard to play it cool and was thinking of a way to respond that wasn’t too dorky. My response ended up being, “I mean, same.”

We ended up dating after that iconic night, and we still die laughing at “I mean, same.”

How They Asked

By the summer of 2019 Scott and I had been together for close to 4 years. We had talked about getting married many times so I knew it was going to be coming soon.

Throughout our entire relationship, we could never keep surprises for each other to ourselves. Any gift-giving holiday or any secret romantic dates planned were always shared several days to weeks earlier than they should have. We would just get so excited about the surprise that we couldn’t keep the secret from each other anymore. The exact same thing happened on July 31st in our New York Apartment.

Scott is always so sweet and romantic and of course, had this beautiful proposal planned out. He was having family and friends flying/ driving in to see it. He had secret plans for me to have my nails done, hired a photographer to capture the moment, and even had a surprise engagement party planned. All of our family and friends were so excited for the big day. But of course, we were much more excited to wait for the big day that he had planned.

On July 31st we found ourselves lost in deep conversation like we had the summer of 2015. We were talking about our future, our dreams and goals as a couple, and how excited we were to share the rest of our lives together. The conversation was so romantic, intimate and beautiful that we both knew this moment was THE moment.

He stepped out of the room for a bit and came in with our two kitties and a beautiful vintage ring box with the most beautiful vintage ring inside. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Of course, it took me all of one second to say “Yes!”

We both laughed and joked about how perfect his spontaneous proposal ended up being and how the plans he had made originally wasn’t really “us.”

While his first proposal idea would have been super special as well, this one was without a doubt a Scott and Emily proposal. We were just so excited that we just couldn’t wait. We were like two kids in a candy store.

What happened to all of Scott’s other plans, you ask? We went and got pictures taken at a rooftop bar in Manhattan to announce our engagement with the photographer that was going to capture the OG proposal. Scott also paid for me to go have my nails done for our announcement pictures. And lastly, Family and Friends traveled by plane, train, and subway to come and celebrate us at the engagement party that Scott planned. None of our family and friends were surprised that we got engaged earlier than expected, by the way.

I just CAN’T WAIT to marry the love of my life next December.

Special Thanks

Ann Marie Bagge
 | Photographer