Emily and Ryan

how we met

We met on Bumble. I planned on deleting the app the day I swiped right on Ryan. He used his daily time extension to make sure I would message him when we matched. I very cleverly said “hey” and that started it all! A few days later we went fishing and have been inseparable since.

how they asked

Ryan proposed in City Park in New Orleans. I had a feeling it was coming. It was always known that he wouldn’t’ propose without my college best friend Dacin being there. A few weeks before he proposed, my childhood best friend Amanda was visiting us so we could go to an LSU and Eagles game in Louisiana. While Ryan was in the bathroom at a bar, Amanda said “I didn’t know Dacin was coming for your birthday weekend in New Orleans.” I didn’t know Dacin was coming either, so she kind of ruined the surprise (we didn’t tell Ryan she ruined the surprise until after). Ryan had planned for us to go to New Orleans with our friends over our birthday weekend (our birthdays are 6 days apart). “His cousin” was supposed to be flying in so we had to pick “him” up from the airport – this turned out to be Dacin and her boyfriend Scott. On our way to the airport, Ryan was SO nervous and sweating through his shirt. He had the AC on in the car FREEZING me out so leading up to the airport, I was pretty annoyed because I was so cold. Dacin and Scott came running to the car and we went to City Park. We walked around for a little and then Ryan lead me to the Peristyle. The rest is on video because I’m not really sure what he said, I just know he was shaking and I wanted that pretty ring on my finger as soon as I saw it – I was super excited. Afterwards about 20 of our friends came to New Orleans and we celebrated on Bourbon Street!

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