Emily and Ryan

how we met

We first met through a bible study at church. Our mutual friend had been trying to set us up for a very long time and this is how she introduced us! She had been working on setting us up for months!

how they asked

I went to get a price range at the jeweler that I knew I was going to buy the ring from and it just so happened that the day I went in there was a deal I could not pass up! I had planned on proposing in 6 months so I actually had the ring 6 months early. My girlfriend at the time now Fiancé had an idea that I would propose the following year but little did she know it was going to be a lot sooner. After receiving the BEAUTIFUL custom ring a few days after ordering it I knew I couldn’t wait to propose to her. I would look at the ring everyday out of excitement! From the day I got the ring to me proposing was two weeks later. Within those two weeks I received her parents blessing, found a photographer(Rebecca Romero) and picked a spot to propose all while keeping it a secret so my girlfriend would be surprised. The day of the proposal I had told her that it was date night and I had reservations for dinner but did not tell her where at. We had gone down to the beach where our “reservations” were and said we were early so we should go walk on the beach. Also I forgot to mention I picked her up and had to drive an hour to the beach, the whole time I had the ring in a box hidden in my sock so she wouldn’t know which is why in the proposal picture you can see my sock because I had taken it out of my sock! I was soo nervous the whole day and drive I was trying to act cool! So we got there “early” we started walking and got to walking on the sand. Becca was hiding behind us already taking pictures as we walked and as we got to the end of the beach area I started talking to her trying to get out all of the words that I had practiced in my head. None of the words came out like I thought they would I was so nervous! I got down on one knee and she said YES!

Special Thanks

Becca Romero Creative
 | Photography
Laguna Beach
 | Location