Emily and Robert Austin

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How We Met

Austin and I first met in three-year-old preschool! I always thought he was the cutest person, and we have been friends throughout this entire time! However, come to find out that he had a little crush on me! We also went to elementary school together but ended up going to different middle schools, high schools, and colleges. If you fast forward to after college, he became really good friends with one of my best friends and in the summer of 2020, she and her husband invited some of their mutual friends to a lake house for a weekend.

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As that weekend progressed so did my feelings for him but I kept thinking “Oh my goodness this has been a friend of mine for years!” But thankfully he was feeling the same way and on the last night of our trip, he and I sat by the lake and stayed up until 3 in the morning talking! He then asked me out on a date and the rest is history :) I have always been praying and wondering where my person was and turns out he has been living two miles down the road from me this entire time!

How They Asked

Austin proposed in the same three-year-old preschool room where he and I first met! I had absolutely no idea and he completely surprised me!

So, my mom is the four-year-old preschool teacher and on the day of she asked for my help and my dad’s because she said a ton of packages came to her preschool that day and she would need help loading them up in her car! So later that day, my mom, dad, and I drove to the preschool and we get to my mom’s classroom, I should have known it was happening because there was not one package in sight lol! But my mom asked me to go to the three-year-old classroom because a package was delivered to that room by accident.

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So, I walk down the hall and find the door opened along with my twin sister, brother, and Austin all standing in our old preschool room! Austin had to come and get me from the doorway because I was frozen! There was a trail of rose petals, candles, and pictures of us all throughout the room. He said some of the sweetest things and asked for me to spend the rest of my life with him and I could not be any happier! It was the best day! My twin sister lives in Texas and she flew home for the proposal, along with my brother who drove up from Columbus, OH that morning to be there as well! It was so special having my family there to witness this new chapter! We are so excited for September 3rd, 2022!

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