Emily and Paul

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How We Met

My Uncle was running the concessions stands at this baseball field in Newport, RI, which is where I spent a lot of the summer with my grandparents. One summer day in 2012 I went to visit him, where he introduced me to two of his favorite employees, Paul and Elizabeth. I’ll always remember when first met Paul because I immediately got butterflies and thought he was so cute. After that, I volunteered to help my uncle whenever just so I could hang out with Paul even just for a few minutes. Immediately we became fast friends as if we had grown up together (and I had the biggest crush). The following summer, I get a Facebook message from him, and eventually, we exchanged numbers and went on our first date! We had a wild summer romance, and then reality set in and he went to college and I went home to a different state as a senior with a strict parent. I eventually ended things in the fall, but after about a month’s hiatus, we started talking as friends because we both wanted to be in each other’s lives. A couple of years passed of us remaining friends, and I went to visit him one spring break in 2016. Things occurred that definitely crossed the friendship line, and we both originally dismissed it and continued being friends. About a month later after many late-night calls and some tears, I realized those feelings were in fact more than just friends’ feels and he felt the same. And the rest is history!

How They Asked

I knew Paul was planning to propose soon because we had talked about the ring. When he bought it he wanted to make sure I like it because I quote “it’s going to be on your finger the rest of your life”. But I had no clue when he was going to do it!

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The week before thanksgiving he told me he planned a date night for that coming Saturday, and internally I totally thought that was it because we were supposed to see my family the following week for Thanksgiving (unfortunately due to covid plans had changed mid-week).

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Then on Wednesday, he texted me during the day that another couple asked us to get socially distant wine with them on Friday at some vineyards while the weather was still semi-nice. We had done this a few times throughout the summer so I had no inclination that it could be the proposal.

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On our way to the vineyard that Friday he took a wrong turn and said “we’re actually not going there, but it’s a surprise so don’t ask.” We pulled up to a park that we’d taken a walk at before that I thought was so cute because it had a really old windmill (we’re both history buffs). The gazebo was all set up with flowers and candles and twinkly lights, and he got down on one knee! It was the most perfect proposal (in my opinion) and so incredibly sweet.

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