Emily and Oliver

How We Met

I’d been in a pretty dire relationship since I was a teenager and had a 14-year-old and a 3-year-old at the time. I took my daughter to one of her friend’s birthday parties in the summer, it was a beautiful day and the party was in my friends garden in the sunshine with lots of children and adults. I sat down next to a few of my friends and started chatting and this guy came over and half joined in with our conversation and mentioned he had 3 kids on his own, but then he was pulled away by his children and I didn’t see him again for a while.

I carried on enjoying the party, we sang happy birthday and ate food and had some drinks. Later I saw one of my best friends (Charlotte) chatting to the guy from earlier and sort of wanted to join in but felt too shy.

Later on, Charlotte came up to me and said ‘Emily if you fancy a bit of fun you should go and chat to that guy out there he’s really nice, single, and he’s fit!’

I felt really nervous but I thought yeah why not and I went outside and somehow managed to start a conversation. Talking to him was so easy, he had such a gorgeous well-spoken voice, it excited me to hear he had his own business as I did and that he’d also been through a hard relationship recently.

We were pushing our children next to each other on the swings and got to talking about ages and birthdays, we realized we were exactly the same age born the same year and I asked him what month and laughed when I realized he was a Pisces (the same sign as my ex and many other people I’ve been attracted to before!!) then he said ‘and you’re a Scorpio’

I couldn’t believe he guessed my star sign! I was in shock. “What?! How would you know that?!”

“Because you remind me of a girlfriend I was so in love with when I was a teenager” my stomach did a little flip.

Later on, I met his sister and really felt like I’d met her before when she said they were leaving I was so scared I wouldn’t see him again.

I found him and said ‘you’re going?’

Yeah, I’ve got to get back with the kids… do you want my number?

I couldn’t believe this was happening, this kind of thing just did not happen to me. He rushed inside and found something to write his number on.

He found me on Facebook before I’d even texted him, and from that day onwards we couldn’t stop messaging each other.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Venice, on a gondola!

He was about to go on holiday so we had another 2 or 3 weeks before we saw each other again, but by that time he had planned the most epic first and second date I had ever experienced in my life.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Venice, on a gondola!

A fire on the beach with Prosecco and music and glow in the dark pebbles, and next a helicopter flight over the beach we had our first date on.

Emily and Oliver's Engagement in Venice, on a gondola!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Venice, on a gondola!

Proposal Ideas Venice, on a gondola!

Emily's Proposal in Venice, on a gondola!

How They Asked

Oliver had been planning a surprise trip away and had actually wanted to take me to the pyramids in Egypt! But it fell through and he asked me where I’d like to go. I’d always wanted to visit Venice so that’s what he booked!

We spent the Easter weekend galavanting around the streets of Venice, posing, being silly and drinking Prosecco. On the second night, he took me on a gondola at dusk under a full moon. Popped a bottle of Prosecco and put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a ring. We went under a bridge and he told me to make a wish.

I was so happy I felt like I might actually burst.

He told me the ring he got is temporary because he wanted to do it as soon as possible and couldn’t wait any longer. But it’s so gorgeous and thoughtful! Opal as it’s my birthstone (and I told him before I’d never owned my birthstone and always wanted to) and moons because I am so connected to the moon.

Afterward, we went and got a drawing of us to commemorate!

Marrying the best man I have ever met. My best friend, my partner, my rock and my travel buddy. He is so much fun!!!