Emily and Nicholas

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How We Met

My best friend was an RA on campus at our university and Nick was a security guard. Every Sunday night, I would visit my best friend while she was on duty at the front desk and every Sunday night Nick would come visit us. The entire school year he would come and I just thought he wanted entertainment while he was working, little did I know more would come out it. I always thought he was cute and would sometimes envision him asking me on a date. However, I was seeing someone at the time so I never thought we would get the chance since Nick knew I was in a relationship. Fast forward nine months, I broke up with that guy and I remember wanting to tell Nick so badly. That Sunday, I sat there and told him and he was so sweet about it. He was comforting and let me sit there for hours and cry (he also tried, but somewhat failed, at making me laugh through it). A month later, the text I was waiting for finally lit up on my phone: “will you go to dinner with me this week?” And the rest is history.

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how they asked

My family and I had a trip planned to Disney World for years. Nick and I would have discussions about when we were going to take the next step and get engaged and having it happen on our trip to Disney didn’t seem plausible. The first day we got there we went straight to Magic Kingdom. We took pictures in front of the Cinderella’s Castle and nothing happened. So at that point I completely pushed the idea of him proposing out of my mind and was simply excited to be in the happiest place on earth with my favorite person. That night we had reservations at Be Our Guest, the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant, and I was so excited because Belle is my favorite princess. The food was amazing and our waitress was fantastic. We finished our food and I was getting excited to eat some ‘grey stuff’ for dessert when Nick said, “Hey I have a question for you.” The next thing I know a plate is in front of me with “Will You Marry Me?” written on it and Nick is on one knee. I immediately started crying. Honestly, I blacked out the rest of the time and it took me 20 minutes to look at the ring because I would start crying all over again. I was so surprised and excited. He really picked the most magical place on earth to really make my dreams come true. After dinner, I called my family who was anxiously waiting (because clearly they all knew it was going to happen while I was completely in the dark). My sister-in-law ran straight to me and my mom started crying. It was even more magical because by the time we finished, the park was near empty so we got to take some amazing pictures.

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Special Thanks

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