Emily and Nicholas

Image 1 of Emily Anne and Nicholas R.

How We Met

Nick and I met in 2009 at Delaware Valley College through a mutual friend. Both of us were dating others at the time but immediately liked each other as human beings. He had a golden heart and there was just something about him. In 2010, we started dating after both our relationships had ended. Seven years later (and many experiences lately from graduating college and career changes to buying a house.)…here we are!

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how they asked

The week of July 4th, Nick and I were vacationing at my family’s cottage in Dexter, Maine (my favorite place in the world, a place I feel close to my late father and a place Nick has come to respect and love). The day of the proposal, we woke up early, saw the sunrise over the lake and went to yoga with my aunt. Later in the day, we went with my family to get the best donuts in existence from an Amish market and to see baby alpacas. From there Nick and I headed off to visit a park and enjoy planned dinner on the coast in Camden, Maine.

We had packed a change of clothes to dress up for dinner but Nick was oddly insistent on changing before we headed to the park. I didn’t think much of it though. Once at the top, we sat and enjoyed the spectacular view and each other’s company for awhile. The day was stunning, sunny and warm with a gentle breeze. The sky was a striking shade of blue, the green of the evergreen forests contrasted vividly with that and the sea. A young woman approached us as we sat looking out asking to take our picture as she was a young photographer who was “working on her portfolio.” We quickly agreed!

As she directed us to walk further down the cliff, Nick held my hand tightly. When we got to a beautiful outlook, to my surprise, he knelt down on one knee. With his blue eyes reflecting sky and sparkling as much as the sea below us, he told me that I was the most special person he had ever met and asked if I would spend my life with him. I was stunned and humbled for a second, he had to ask again to which I whispered “of course” as I hugged him tight!

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On the way back to “camp”, with the windows down, we sung songs that gave us the feels at the top of our lungs! Once back at the cottage we were met by some of my family, including my grandparents, my late fathers parents, with cake and champagne. Then my grandmother expressed the most beautiful sentiment, “I hope you have your best friend as long as I’ve had mine [indicating my grandfather]”. There was not a dry eye in the room, we have all seen how beautiful their marriage is! It may not be the grandest, showiest proposal we’ve ever seen but it was more meaningful and tailored to me than the world could ever know! There is beauty in simplicity! The perfect ring, the perfect place, the perfect guy!

Special Thanks

Courtney Reynolds
 | Photographer
J. Vincent Jewlery
 | Found and created the perfect ring