Emily and Nicholas

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How We Met

Our freshman year of college, I went to a play for class and ending up sitting by Nick. We instantly connected and when I got back to my dorm room that night I texted my girlfriends that I just met my future husband… boy was I right. From that day on we exchanged hello’s in the hallways and smiles in the dining hall. Gadkin (a weekend of events that the school puts on) was coming up and I was anxious to see if Nick would ask me. He did and I was stoked- jumping up and down in my dorm room and my roommate and I screamed of excitement. Little did I know that Nick’s room was one floor beneath me and could hear everything. That weekend, sparks were flying and I began falling in love with Nick. After that, we began dating and the rest is history..

how they asked

One of my best friends lives in New York City and I wanted to go and visit her. It just so happened that a couple of my other friends who also live in Minnesota were planning on visiting her , so we obviously made it a girls weekend. While in NYC, we wanted to stroll around Central Park before we went to dinner. I was told we had to leave promptly at 5:30 to have enough time to walk around the park before dinner. As we were strolling through the park, we stopped at the Bethesda Fountain and snapped a few photos. One of the girls asked if we could go see a different fountain and I agreed to go, not knowing what was in store for me. As we walked to the Cherry Hill fountain, I noticed a man leaning on the fountain that look familiar. I stopped in my tracks once it dawned on me that Nick was standing twenty feet away from me, holding a little box in his hands. I slowly walked towards him and began to register why he was here. Nick got down on one knee and asked to marry me as opened a box to reveal the breathtaking ring. Nodding yes, I wrapped my arms around him, embracing my now fiancé.

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My surrounding came back to me and I remembered my friends were with me. They were screaming and crying tears of joy – that they pulled of the biggest surprise of my life and that I was now engaged! Nick hired a photographer and we strolled through Central Park and took pictures. After, we met my friends for dinner and celebrating on the town. It was a magical weekend that I want to relive over and over.

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