Emily and Nathaniel

Image 1 of Emily and NathanielNathaniel and I have both been in marching band since middle school, although in two different school districts, and when we got to college we both joined the marching band at Temple University. It wasn’t until our junior year, because we played different instruments and didn’t hang out in the same friend groups, that we finally got to talking. I was always the shy one and had a much smaller friend group and Nathaniel could befriend anyone, and often did. So we were set up in a block to learn a dance for band and we thought we’d end up being dance partners. We started talking and I immediately thought he was one of the nicest guys I had ever met, and definitely one of the cutest (all the other girls in band thought so too).

We spent about three days talking and laughing about learning the band dance before we found out that we weren’t going to be partners after all. I was pretty bummed because know I didn’t have all that much reason to talk to him and didn’t think he would keep talking to me. But as soon as we found out we wouldn’t be dance partners anymore he asked if I’d like to go dancing with him some other time and I immediately said yes. It turns out we both weren’t really sure if the other was flirting or even if we had made an official date but later that night there was a party with a bunch of band kids and I spotted him as soon as I walked in. After about an hour or so of shyly looking through people at each other he finally got up the nerve to ask me to dance and the rest is history…

A year and a half later we had an anniversary date back at Temple and we not only took a picture on the field of where our love story started but we slow danced on the very spot where we never got to be dance partners in the first place. Then we headed to Forbidden Drive, a park we had been to many times and where we had carved our initials into a tree. We sat on “our” bench and listened to music and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Nathaniel asked if I wanted to take a picture and began setting up his iPad timer, or so I thought. It turned out to be a video so I was posing when he leaned over and kissed me and asked if I would marry him. Thinking this was just him being sweet (because he wasn’t getting down on one knee), I said yes pretty casually. He hugged me and I could feel him shaking with nerves and I began to tear up as he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee and said “Really. Will you marry me?” After laughing and crying simultaneously I said “yes!” Everything about our walk down memory lane during the day had been so perfect to lead up to the very beginning of our future together.