Emily and Morgan

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How We Met

I was living in New York City and he was living in Dallas. We both worked for a company selling IT services and were put on a team to cross-sell to a client that had a presence in both locations. We were constantly emailing, IM-ing and on the phone with each other every day! After we added each others cell phone #’s into our phones it gave me the option of adding him on Snapchat. I hit the button without thinking twice and the next day I saw my first real glimpse of him (outside of a LinkedIn picture). At that point I started paying a bit more attention to him when he asked me how my day was going or what my plans were for the weekend and really started having full conversations outside of work.

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One beautiful Saturday in NYC I was celebrating a friends birthday and was selfishly glued to my phone because I couldn’t stop texting him… all I wanted to do was talk to him! That night, after a little liquid courage, I initiated a FaceTime call. We ended up chatting till 6am when the sun came up! As soon as we hung up I thought to myself ‘that is the guy I’m going to marry!’ He booked a trip out to NYC the next day and the rest is history. So yes, our love story is as millennial as can be…. love at first FaceTime!

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how they asked

In 2016 we took a road trip from Dallas to Arizona to see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Half the fun was the journey to and from and it was an incredible experience that solidified our love, patience and commitment to each other. A couple months ago he asked me to request one day PTO for a weekend in January because he was planning a little trip for us but didn’t know where yet. Fast forward to me asking no less than 100 questions for clues but he kept his mouth shut the whole time. The week before he gave me little clues and helped me pack. We got the airport Friday morning at 5:30am and I finally saw the tickets for Phoenix. Phoenix, Arizona?!? I asked. GRAND CANYON!!! He said.

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We would be driving from Phoenix to the South Rim once we landed. We got in Friday night and were so exhausted from traveling we ate a quick dinner and passed out. The next morning he woke me up early and said he wanted to watch the sunrise over the canyon like we did back in 2016. Mother nature had other plans and decided throw a pretty big snow storm over the canyon. He insisted we go check it out anyways so we got out to the trail and walked along the edge. For a very brief moment the sun burned through the clouds and illuminated the snowy canyons. Morgan said it would be the perfect time to take a pic so I got my phone out and took a quick selfie all the while he was sneakily getting the ring out of his pocket. As I was putting my phone down he got on one knee and I started crying and laughing at the same time!!!! He asked me and we hugged and kissed and I said YES!!!

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