Emily and Miles

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How We Met

. We met at a local wingbar that we worked at a while back. We Were not fond of each other. But, my BFF (our General Manager at the time) bullied us into a friendship…. romantic right? Eventually, that dislike grew into love…oh what chicken wings can do for the soul.

how they asked

As a preface to the tale I’m about to tell: Miles (my SO) loves Christmas. Christmas starts in October in our household. So, when my man says, “request this day off we are going to chop down a Christmas tree”, I didn’t bat an eye. Or brush my hair. The day was December 7, 2017, we went to the Elgin Tree Farm in Austin, Tx the day was colder than usual and as soon as we got out of the car it started sleeting. I told Miles repeatedly, let’s come back and do this another day. These trees aren’t going anywhere.

It was FREEZING. I was not dressed for the weather, but us Texans never are.
Miles took me through a maze of Christmas trees, we walked for about 4 minutes, he led me to a big Christmas tree that was completely decorated with ornaments and garland and in the very middle it read, Merry Me? Yes ladies and gentlemen, it then began to snow. In Texas. Real snow. I turn around and miles is on his knee and well, I won’t bore you with the cutesy words. But, it was really cute. Long story short, we got engaged at a Christmas Tree Farm in Texas in the snow. He said “Merry Me? And I said “yes”! What can I say? I’m a sucker for Christmas word play.

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