Emily and Michael's Marriage Proposal at UNC Chapel Hill


How We Met

Michael and I met during football season of our freshman year at UNC. I went to the NC State football game with some friends and my little brother. Michael was working on the field as a student equipment manager, a position he had been hired for a few weeks earlier. This game was one of the best games of our college experience! UNC won by a touchdown with just 13 seconds left in the game on a punt return by Gio Bernard. I was supposed to hang out with a guy I went to high school with and some of his friends that night. I knew that he wanted to set me up with one of his friends, but I did not expect anything to come of it. We ended up meeting that night and really hitting it off. We continued to hang out through out the next few weeks, and that’s when we knew we should start dating.

how they asked

Graduation was approaching and the flowers around campus were in full bloom. I just had graduation pictures taken, but Michael was included in only a few. He has a friend, Jeremy, who is a photographer and did graduation sessions for some of our friends. Michael asked me to get ready so I could be in some graduation stock photos for Jeremy’s website. Michael was going to do a few by himself since he didn’t have any. Michael told me we would go to a nice dinner afterwards since we would already be dressed up. I was not having any of that! It was Cinco de Mayo and all I wanted was a burrito or nachos. We went around to all of the main spots on campus wearing our cap and gowns. It was unusually cold and rainy, so Michael promised we would hurry. We posed in front of the chancellor’s building and the university seal and Michael wanted pictures without our cap and gown- just our stoles and our outfits for graduation. As the rain and wind were starting to pick up, Michael wanted a few more pictures. He told me his stole was about to blow away, so we took those off for the final pictures.

 Marriage Proposal at UNC Chapel Hill

I gave mine to Jeremy and when I returned back to the spot, Michael grabbed my hand, kneeled down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. After I said yes, we went to a bench on campus that sits under the tree where  the university was founded and legend says that if you sit there with your significant other, you will spend the rest of your life with them. Afterwards we headed to his parents’ house to share the good news. We even celebrated with a plate of nachos!


 Marriage Proposal at UNC Chapel Hill


 Marriage Proposal at UNC Chapel Hill


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