Emily and Matt

How We Met

I met Matt on my 21st birthday at a celebration my sister planned. We went downtown with a large group of friends and had a blast singing, dancing, and celebrating. My sister had been holding onto my phone for me, so when she left she passed it off to Matt, knowing he would be responsible to take care of it. It wasn’t until I started looking for my phone that I met Matt. I immediately thought he was so handsome, charming, and incredibly sweet to watch my phone. He continued to hang onto it for the rest of the night, which meant we spent the whole time talking, dancing, and having such a great time. By the end of the night, he offered me his jacket when the reality of my dress choice in winter kicked in. He continued to take care of me that night, even through my not-so-finest moments that follow most 21st birthday celebrations.

I woke up the next day and felt like it had all been a dream. The way we immediately connected seemed more out of a movie than reality. It all appeared to be too good to be true until I learned that Matt currently lived in New York City, 9 long hours from our hometown in Ohio. My heart sank, thinking that it I would never see him again. But later that day, he asked for my phone number and we have talked every day since. We went on a few dates and used every opportunity to spend time together before he want back to New York. Within just a few weeks of meeting him, I booked plane tickets to visit him and he came home as often as possible. He moved home six long months later so we could be together.

And now, 3.5 years after we met, I still feel like he’s too good to be true. I still get butterflies when he walks into the room, I still adore the smell of his cologne and I still get excited every time that I hear him text me. I have always known that we were meant to be.

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how they asked

When Matt decided to propose, he most definitely considered was most important to me. He knew that our horse, Estella, is my whole world. He knew that no moment is more special than when the three of us are together. So he contacted my best friend and they started planning.

Leslie and I grew up together in Ohio and have remained close friends even after Matt and I made the move to North Carolina last year. Leslie and her husband, Dane, are two absolutely amazing people. They are so extraordinarily kind, passionate, caring, and talented beyond belief. There isn’t anything they can’t do and they do it all with awe-inducing excellence. They are two of the most incredible photographers/cinematographers I have ever seen. They had the idea to offer to photograph and video Estella and me, which would be a surprise proposal. It was the perfect way to include Estella, my best friends, and have it be a total surprise. When Leslie told me she wanted to visit and do a shoot with Estella, I was absolutely thrilled!

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As the months went by, Leslie and I planned the details of the photo-shoot. I have always dreamed of a summer-style shoot with a long, flowing dress and a flower crown with my horse. She said that would be perfect! All of the details fell into place and I was more excited than ever. When we were ready to get started, it was so hot that we were all immediately covered in sweat, so Leslie instructed me to stay in the car in the AC to keep my curls in place. She took Estella while Dane and Matt took all of the equipment to a field behind some trees where we would start. I waited patiently in the car, blissfully humming a song, oblivious to the huge surprise that was underway.

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Leslie gave me an idea of how the shoot would go: I was to walk down this hill, back up it, and then they would have me run with Estella while they shot some video. The sun was perfect, Estella looked as beautiful as ever and it felt so magical from the start. I barely noticed when Matt disappeared because my mind was so occupied with the thought, “How in the world am I going to run in this dress? I can barely walk it in!” What I didn’t know was while we were down the hill, Matt had ran back to the car to change into a suit, then ran back out to the field to hide behind the huge light reflector. Once we were back up the hill, my attention was focused ahead as I was in the moment of being there with Estella. Then, out of nowhere, I noticed Matt walking towards me in the most stunning suit. I was so overcome with emotion as I realized what was happening. He looked so incredibly handsome, he put on this suit on the hottest day ever for me, and he had planned the biggest surprise of my life. He has always treated me as his queen and this day was no different, but so, so unbelievably special.

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I am beyond grateful to have the most wonderful friends and that I get to spend the rest of my life with such a thoughtful, caring, supportive man. It was a proposal beyond my wildest dreams that seems fitting for my knight in shining armor that rescued me (and my phone).

Thank you so much, Leslie and Dane, for all you have done. I can’t express how much I appreciate all the effort you put into planning this, keeping it a secret, and flawlessly executing it. You two are the greatest! Thank you, Matt, for giving me the proposal of a lifetime. I love you so much. I love how you love me unconditionally and the way you love Estella, too. You have always been the one.

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