Emily and Matthew

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How We Met

So here it goes. The first time we met, we actually didn’t like each other very much. I was dating somebody else that he didn’t like and we were both in active addiction and doing our own things.

Anyways, a few years later. We both got clean. So one day I messaged him and asked him if he remembered me. He said “no” and then I played hard to get for about 6 weeks. He would message me, and I would just not reply for a few days. At this time, I had just had a baby and was a single mom to a 3-month-old. That was my only focus. My baby girl. But something about this man and how he refused to give up on trying to talk to me, it was a feeling I had never felt before. So then I finally started actually replying to him. He picked me up and we went to an NA Meeting together. The biggest part of all is from that day when he first met me and my Daughter, Isabella, he treated her and took care of her like his own.

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Later in our relationship I found out that his daughter, Jocie, had passed away in 2015 when she was 3 months old. A few weeks before talking to me, he had just told his Nana that he would never be in a relationship with somebody with a child, but something changed his mind. God knew I needed him and he needed me. It takes a strong man to love somebody else’s daughter and make her your own daughter when you still feel grief for your own child. He has never let the grief of Jocie passing affect the way he treats me or more importantly, the way he treats my daughter. He took us in and showed us a love that I have always wished for but never could have because I was always in abusive relationships.

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Anyways, I’ll wrap it up. I love this man. We may have our differences and people may not understand us or the way we are, but I don’t care what any of them think. I know the person that he is and he makes me and my daughter happy. That’s what matters to me.

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How They Asked

I’m going to make this one quick, on May 24th, 2020, he drove me to our secret spot that we regularly go to just talk or get stuff off of our mind. We just talked about a lot of things and then right when I thought we were about to leave to go home, he got out and walked over to my side of the car and got down on one knee and God helped him say the most perfect and beautiful things. His words blew me away. I have been waiting for him to propose so of course, I said “YES!!!”.

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It may not have been some fancy and huge proposal, but it had more meaning than those. It came from his heart and that’s all I want in a man and a marriage.